CIA-DNI turf war over embassy posts continues

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

This blog has kept tabs on the latest US bureaucratic turf war between the CIA and the office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). It started last May, when when DNI Dennis Blair argued in a still-classified directive that his office should have a say in certain cases over the appointment of senior US intelligence representatives in foreign cities. Former CIA officials publicly denounced the directive, which would allow the appointment of non-CIA personnel to these positions for the first time in 60 years, as “simple insanity”. The turf war appeared to be close to an end in July, when the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence came out in support of the DNI, arguing that “some locations may give rise to circumstances where th[e CIA station chief’s] responsibility is best met by an official with expertise derived from another I[ntelligence] C[ommunity] element”. Shortly afterward, however, Vice President Joe Biden apparently overruled the Senate panel’s opinion by coming down on the side of the CIA. Now an update in Time magazine points out that Biden’s ruling “has not completely resolved the differences” and that the turf war may be far from resolved. How else are we to explain the fact that there has been no general announcement about Biden’s decision to the intelligence community, nor has DNI Blair officially rescinded his directive? Commenting on these questions, DNI spokesperson Wendy Morigi simply told Time that “this one may not be resolvable” and that “[t]here may be an agreement to disagree on this”. So much for the new post-9/11 spirit of cross-agency collaboration in the US intelligence community…

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One Response to CIA-DNI turf war over embassy posts continues

  1. If the Government puts the lid on the C.I.A. and will not let The Intelligence Community be Protected thus silencing Our Voices as some already are, then there will probably not be any reason to run Intel, as their would not be any incentives for doing so! Protection from The Enemy is One Incentive but from Our Own Governments Political System is a Serious Compromise of Intelligent Operations across the Board. A Broad Spectrum of Operations will be Compromised into the Indefinate Future for their is no Incentives for Doing so and The Nations Protections would be abust! I don’t know How I could Operate without the Protections I have Right now, for I am on the Cutting Edge of a Lot of Things and I’m only Domesticated also, How could that Happen to Foreign Services without any Protecton at all? Volunteer Intelligence

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