New CIA TV ads try to recruit Arab-, Iranian-Americans

CIA ad

CIA ad

The CIA is preparing to launch two new television commercials in an attempt to increase Arab-American and Iranian-American CIA recruits. The commercials will specifically target US cities with significant Middle Eastern populations, such as Detroit and Newark. They will be premiered at a private screening on November 18 in Dearborn, Michigan, which is often described as “the heart of Michigan’s large Middle Eastern community”. The move follows a recent public-relations visit to Michigan by CIA director Leon Panetta, aimed at improving the tense relations between the US intelligence community and Muslim groups in the state. The Agency decided to launch the recruitment campaign in response to its severe and chronic lack of Arab- and Farsi-speaking linguists, analysts, case officers and field agents. This year alone, at least two Congressional committees have blasted the CIA and other US intelligence agencies for remaining “woefully short” of foreign-language-speaking employees, and for their “continuing lack of critical language-capable personnel”.

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One Response to New CIA TV ads try to recruit Arab-, Iranian-Americans

  1. Joppie Jacobs says:

    i expect information about CIA television if i can , I join to become corespondent in indonesia..? Thx

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