Indians allege Pakistani spies funded through Europe

India-Pak border

India-Pak border

Indian authorities have told a major newspaper that Pakistani spies operating in India are funded with money transfers from spy handlers in Europe. Indian daily The Telegraph cites Indian counterintelligence sources, who claim that Pakistani embassies in several European nations, including Spain, Estonia and Luxembourg, use “a popular money transfer company” (in all likelihood Western Union) to fund Pakistani agents operating in India. According to the Indians, most money transfers are facilitated through the simple technique of email account password sharing, which allows both the handler in Europe and the agent in India to access the same email inbox, as well as the same money transfer drafts. The counterintelligence sources also told The Telegraph that email account password sharing is also used to facilitate the transfer of photographs, maps and other details relating to Indian military installations, located mostly in the north of the country, near the Pakistani border. The revelations represent the latest installment in the ongoing intelligence war between India and Pakistan, which includes frequent tit-for-tat accusations and arrests of alleged spies on both sides of the Indian-Pakistani border.

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