News you may have missed #0183

  • Did US Rep. Hoekstra compromise a secret NSA spy program? Rep. Peter Hoekstra (MI), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence panel, may have inadvertently compromised a sensitive National Security Agency email collection program while commenting on allegedly intercepted emails sent and received by Fort Hood shooter Malik Nadal Hasan.
  • Blog requests readers’ help to examine released documents. Wired magazine’s Threat Level blog has issued a request for readers to help pore over thousands of US government documents relating to the proposed immunity for telephone companies involved in the Bush Administration’s warrantless wiretapping program. The documents were released following a FOIA lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • An opportunity in Cuba for CIA field agents? They’d have to pose as McDonald’s restaurant workers.

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One Response to News you may have missed #0183

  1. I wouldn’t put the Republicans in to too much Hot water for the Current Administartion is using the Programs we have been using From The Republican Platforms and even some from Previous Democratic Platforms too! So the Hoekstra Statemnet is something that is a bonafied Statement, but then again the Bush Administration was allowed to Run some of the Same Programs too without a Hitch! So at that point the Documents search is something to do legally for the Purose of Holding our Governmnet accountable, but not to Compromise National Security either. This is the same purpose for the Hoekstra Statement and Should apply to all Parties and Campaigns too. Government Accountablitiy is very Important but should be [never] made Public unless there is a Crime! Cuba is Prime for the Next Theater of Terror to be on The Radar screen and needs some attention too! Volunteer Intelligence

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