One third of Pakistani spy budget comes from CIA, say officials



As much as one third of the annual budget of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence has come from the CIA in the last eight years, according to a new report in The Los Angeles Times. The paper says that even more US dollars have been supplied to the ISI through a secret CIA monetary rewards program that pays for the arrest or assassination of militants wanted by Washington. The payments reportedly began during the early years of the George W. Bush administration, and are now continuing under the Obama administration, despite “long-standing suspicions” that the ISI and the Pakistani military maintain close links with the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives in Pakistan and elsewhere. The Times quotes a former high-ranking US intelligence official who said that the US National Security Council has “deep misgivings about the ISI” and has “this debate every year”, but ultimately decides that “there [i]s no other game in town” and that the close links between the CIA and the ISI must be maintained. Although cross-agency rifts undoubtedly remain, the relationship between the two organizations has tightened to an unprecedented degree after 9/11, and now includes routinely hosting “ISI operatives [at] a secret [CIA] training facility in North Carolina, even as US intelligence analysts try to assess whether segments of the ISI have worked against US interests”, according to the article.

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One Response to One third of Pakistani spy budget comes from CIA, say officials

  1. The Rift between the U.S.Government and The Pakistan Intelligence Agency is going to always be that way, because, We are not Muslim and The Muslim Government of Pakistan has to Keep its Traditions of Supporting a Popular War with the West to Continue its Prosperity. This means a Critical Decision of Giving up the Terrorists Heads of State as These Terrorists are deeply seated in The Pakistan Government, as well as Their Society. Their Religion is also in Comparison to These Realms of Compromise as it has to be approved by the Pakistan Peoples too! That is a Real Catch Twenty Two, in the Muslim World, but is becoming a very necessary Event, as the Muslim Popularity for terrorism is failing, except for The Fear factors of The Terrorists, which also play into The Equation. That is why, to The Best of Good Reasoning, the Pakistani’s are having a hard time to Give up everyone of these Terrorists at once, for they Risk Implosion as a Nation if they do, but, at the same Time they can Trickle down the List of Terrorists and “One Day at a Time,” “Give Them All Up!” Volunteer Intelligence

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