News you may have missed #0243

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4 Responses to News you may have missed #0243

  1. I believe the Russian Intelligence is going into The Military.Where they can Condense everything into one Program. Easier to Manage and easier to Control.

  2. AllanGreen says:

    I believe we need to stop overblowing the KGB in relation to Putin.

    According to the sources in the article, Kryshtanovskaya calculated the difference between Yeltsin’s and Putin’s “elite” composition as comprising 25 % instead of 11% military personel.

    Note however, that at the same time, the business representatives under PUtin comprised a paltry 1.6 % while under Putin it shot up to nearly 12%. This isn’t doubling, this is a six fold increase.

    Another factor to consider, is as your own source article states, by the eighties 40 % of KGB management posts were held by civilians. So when we are talking about Siloviki, we should try to break the number down with the 40% of actual civilians, with a Siloviki background.

    Considering the weight of the military complex in Soviet politics, even 25 % may still be an underrepresented of a figure that should be nearer 30%.

    From which the argument could be made, that not only did Business benefit under Putin, but more talanted people in general.

    Which also happens to be exactly the case.

  3. AllanGreen says:

    correction: 2 out of 3 siloviks in admin is wrong. Consider it a typo on the part of Business Daily.

    At its height, in 2007, Kryshtanovskaya put the figure at 30%. There’s a significant difference between 33% and 66%.

    Curiously, she refused to publicly mention the increased number of business representatives. Whose numbers actually matched those of the Siloviki by 2007.

  4. I was thinking in the terms of The Military Platform with a Civilian Base there in it too. As well as a Polit-Bureau also. That would make it work with The Military Arms Control which they may be trying again. Then was wondering if Their Intelligence was a Military/Civilian Business Platform inside the Military Industry too. They would probably try to Imitate Our Forces to Compensate something, if they new anything about Us at all. Was only wondering if they were a Military Intelligence Operation at The Maximum Benefit for their Plans as they were during the Cold War. With The K.G.B. in the past. Maybe even returning in a More Civil manor too. That would, I think put it Back into The Kremlin s Hay-day, again today. Which Putin may still Be very much in Control of too.

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