News you may have missed #0271 (analysis edition)

  • Analysis: The Women of the CIA. Former CIA agent Valerie Wilson says the recent massacre of CIA agents in Khost, Afghanistan, shows that it is “time to recognize that women play a vital role in ensuring our national security and that they are very much on the frontlines, taking all the same risks but recognized and credited much less than their male counterparts” at the CIA.
  • Analysis: Google and the democratization of espionage. Roland Dobbins, a solutions architect with the Asia Pacific division of Arbor Networks, explains why the recent Google-China hacking affair is a perfect example of how the botnet has enabled what he calls “the democratization of espionage”.

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2 Responses to News you may have missed #0271 (analysis edition)

  1. Van says:

    OT: the bungled wiretapping of Sen. Landrieu’s office by four young Republicans is getting a lot of attention. One of them, Stan Dai, has ties to intelligence agencies:

    “According to information Dai posted in September 2007 on the university’s online alumni directory, he lived in Naperville, Ill., helped run a “Defense Deparment regional defense counterterrorism/irregular warfare program” and then became assistant director of the Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence at Trinity Washington University, which prepares undergraduates for careers in intelligence.”

    Any comment?

  2. intelNews says:

    Yes, just posted. [IA]

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