US report sheds light on mysterious Chinese front company

Lev Leviev

Lev Leviev

A new report by a US Congressional commission sheds light on a mysterious Chinese corporate group, which intelligence observers have long-suspected to be a front company for Chinese spy agencies. Named after the street address of its headquarters, the Hong Kong-registered 88 Queensway Group is noted for its dynamic investments around the world, particularly in Africa, where the Chinese government has been extremely active in recent years. But new information (.pdf) compiled by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the US Congress, alleges that the 88 Queensway Group “falsely represents itself as a private business when it actually is [an arm of the] Chinese intelligence community [and] public security apparatus”. Interestingly, the report, authored last July, identifies three international financiers as having close contact with the Group’s operations in sub-Saharan Africa. They are: Frenchman Pierre Falcone, who, along with Israeli-Russian tycoon and former French intelligence operative Arkady Gaydamak, was a central figure in France’s Angolagate scandal; Portugal’s Helder Battaglia, who has strong business links with Angola, Venezuela and Argentina; and Israeli Lev Leviev, Gaydamak’s former business associate and major diamond magnate in Angola. The report, which was posted on the Commission’s website two weeks ago, has made news headlines in France, Israel, and even Hong Kong, though –strangely– not in America.

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2 Responses to US report sheds light on mysterious Chinese front company

  1. I believe these Chinese are using everything they can to undermine the U.S. and Militarally challenge Us in the Future too. They have been operating here without a Real Check on them, except for the Comint and Covert Operations at home and around the World, that most people felt may have been lacking before, but as more is being revealed about them, they seem to have a Real-Time Whole in their Operations. If these Intel Reports keep running into their Operations and we continue to undermmine their Operations, This will be eventually a Big downfall for their Economy, if timed to coincide with their Monetary Gains, and Timely Sanctions or Military Operations prevent them from Executing their Advancements too. Of coarse they will return to their Hermit type of Defensive posturing and call the Kettle Black too. The only Defence they may have is outright Theft of Our Intel they have gained by opensource, or Corperate Espionage too. They must have gained a lot of Intelligence form the Companies they did Business with to gain the Market Strategies with a lying atmosphere of Corruption and Deception that goes back to the Korean War and WWII, only they are now getting aggressively advanced against Us too.

  2. Greg says:

    As the old Chinese curse says “May you live in interesting times” It will be very interesting who will be left standing on the world power-play stage when the music stops this time.

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