Israel becoming a burden to the US, says Mossad chief

Meir Dagan

Meir Dagan

The director of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has publicly stated the agency’s concerns that Israel is gradually turning from an asset to a burden for American foreign policy. Speaking before the Israeli Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Meir Dagan said it was obvious to him that “Israel is gradually turning from an asset to the United States to a burden”. The former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander, who has led the Mossad since 2002, remarked that every year since the end of the Cold War there are progressively “fewer Israeli assets in the US”. The importance of Israel in US foreign policy was “greater when there was conflict between the blocs”, said the Mossad chief, “while this year there has [again] been a decrease” in Israel’s significance. He went on to lament the 2008 election success of US President Barack Obama, which was “a declaration that [the US] was adopting a softer approach and did not want to use force to solve conflicts”. This, he said, “influences Israel’s difficulty in diplomatic maneuvers”. Dagan also commented on the recent IDF commando raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, warning that “[e]vents [like this] are likely to go out of control and the situation could deteriorate to extreme scenarios”. He also disclosed that the IDF initially considered sabotaging the engines of at least one of the six ships in the flotilla, but scrapped the idea, after being warned by experts that the sabotaged vessels would be stranded in international waters, possibly causing a humanitarian crisis.

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