Israel abducts American survivor of USS Liberty bombing onboard Gaza flotilla

USS Liberty

USS Liberty

Among nine US citizens abducted in international waters by Israeli troops on Monday was a survivor of the attack on the USS Liberty, an American intelligence ship that was napalm-bombed by the Israeli Air Force in 1967. US Navy veteran Joe Miduras, of Corpus Christi, Texas, was among the nearly 700 civilians from 40 different countries, who were illegally abducted by the Israeli Defense Forces following a bloody raid on the Gaza  Freedom Flotilla on May 31. The 67-year old veteran was a soldier onboard the Liberty, an unarmed US National Security Agency communications surveillance vessel, when it was napalm-bombed in international waters by Israeli jets during the fourth day of the 1967 Six-Day War. Although the ship did not sink, Israeli jets machine-gunned the Liberty lifeboats carrying American servicemen, ultimately killing 34 and seriously injuring over 150 US crew members. As of yesterday afternoon, Miduras’ fate was unknown, as he had failed to make contact with his wife, Jean Miduras. Among several other American citizens abducted by the IDF and illegally renditioned to Israel was Edward Peck, a former US ambassador and US State Department official during the Ronald Reagan administration. The 81-year-old former diplomat was released from prison on Tuesday morning, and spoke to Democracy Now! on Wednesday. The dozens of other Western citizens that are still missing include two accredited reporters with Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, Paul McGeough and Kate Geraghty. The newspaper’s editor, Alan Oakley, said the two, who are joint Australian-Irish citizens, had been taken to prison in Beersheba, Israel. Oakley said he could only “hope the authorities respect their rights”.

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11 Responses to Israel abducts American survivor of USS Liberty bombing onboard Gaza flotilla

  1. RTLM says:

    You just lost me.

    I can get Jew hate anywhere.

  2. AllanGreen says:

    @the above.

    Don’t be so thin-skinned.

    @ intelligence news

    “illegally abducted”?

    1) They were not in international waters. Stop the nonsense.They ran an internationally recognized blockade.

    2) Now they are putty in Israeli hands. If we want to, we can eat them alive, and it will be legal (find me a law against cannibalism).

    They are illegals and transgressors. If I were Israel, I would demand their respective governments pay full price for their repatriation and seek remuneration for any and all charges incurred during detention. That includes the operation required to intercept the flotilla, if not the entire cost of the blockade.

    And if we must, since Greece allowed the boat to dock in Cyprus, then the Greeks should also foot the bill.

    Eh Joseph? polykala?

  3. Claire says:

    If I were the writer of this article I honestly wouldn’t bother responding. Blogs such as this one offer opportunities for reader feedback, but it’s clear in the above comments that there is no interest in discussing this issue. Personal characterizations and attacks (first comment), which are typical of pro-Israel supporters, and irresponsible commentary that espouses nuclear war and cannibalism (!) are unworthy of any serious attention.

  4. sHROOm says:

    1) They were not in international waters. Stop the nonsense.They ran an internationally recognized blockade.

    running a blockade doesnt mean they can extend their territory in international waters and start to threaten and board a ship there.

    they were acting on the same legal basis as somalian pirates. this is the way israel solves its problems.

  5. a says:


  6. TreysDayz says:

    Real interest here is Miduras and what happened to him. Today NPR had excellent interview with international law professor about which legs each side could or couldn’t stand on. I would recommend listening to that online.

  7. Andragon says:

    The ‘jew hate’ argument doensn’t work any longer, despite what the israel blog squat still tries to say.
    Israel is a state that does not obey international law and therfore earns the responses that they get.

    1) The convoy was attacked far away from the israeli waters, so don’t come up with the bullshit of ‘within israeli waters’

    2) The blockade is not internationally recognized as stated above, that would require the UN to do so and that has not been done.

    So the fact is that Israel attacked people and killed some of them who wanted to help a punished an tortured people. It seems that history always repeats itself but now the former victim is the aggressor.

  8. sock says:

    Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

  9. Israel Captured a Top Hamas Military Leader on one of the Flotilla’s trying to enter Israel Illegally.

  10. mark hope says:

    no wonder israel dare to attack humanitarian ship at international water, because they own the world. just like they attack USS liberty. I NEVER IMAGINE HOW AMERICAN GOVERNMENT GAVE BILLION OF AMERICAN TAX TO ATTACK AMERICAN PATRIOTIC ON USS LIBERTYIN 1967?BECAUSE ISRAEL FOUNDED BY HATRED. [Edited].

  11. Anonymous says:

    [edited] israel

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