News you may have missed #381 (Russian spy ring edition II)

  • Accused Russian spies lived perfect Boston lives. It is almost certain that the members of the Russian spy ring, arrested by the FBI last weekend, trained for years in Moscow’s most elite SVR intelligence school to pass as Canadians or Americans. Their real-life identities and backgrounds may never be learned.
  • Russian spies blended well, sought contacts. The 11 people arrested and accused of being members of a Russian spy ring operating under deep cover in America’s suburbs were active in the East Coast networking circuit.
  • Kremlin adopts calmer tone on US spy affair. Moscow on Wednesday softened its initially furious reaction to this week’s spy scandal in the US, when it said that the arrest of 11 people accused of working for Russian intelligence would not have a negative impact on bilateral relations. Earlier in the week, Vladimir Putin had accused US authorities of having “gone on a rampage”.

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3 Responses to News you may have missed #381 (Russian spy ring edition II)

  1. Greg Lipka says:

    We are finally getting a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of pierestrojka, glaznost and all the other propaganda being exposed for what it always was, smoking mirrors and nothing else.

    Without ‘opening up’ the soviets were cactus. This way, for two decades the west has been falling over themselves to deliver hard currency into their economy. Only now after a few tax evasion law suit, auto accidents or polonium sandwiches we are collectively beginning to realise that the leopard does not change its spots despite all the claims to the contrary.

    A telling point is that in 19881 comms had approx 30 – 35K operative contacts in Poland. By 1989, the time when Poland ‘broke away’ from the eastern block there was approx 100K in all areas of the society. Made the privatisation of state enterprise a very rewarding exercise for a lot of people.

    The so called demise of the soviet block was the biggest hoax of the recent times. The west was violated from behind by the soviets and they haven’t realised that their virginity was lost for years afterwards.

    And the game keeps going on.

    “Col. R Kuklinski, may you rest in peace, for it is you who saved the world from war”

  2. learning says:

    What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage.

  3. Well we just traded 10 Russian spyies for, 4 Russian nationals that were accused of spying in Russia. I know that trades are good for relations but I have to wonder what intrest the USA has in 4 Russian nationals that were in jail in Russia. I certainly hope there is some other agreement that comes from this ordeal that benifets our country.

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