Dead defector not connected to Russian spies, insists friend

Sergei Tretyakov

Sergei Tretyakov

On July 2, based on an excellent analysis by Stratfor of the 10 Russian deep-cover agents arrested in the US in June, we entertained the possibility that Sergei Tretyakov, a senior Russian SVR agent who defected to the US in 2000, may have helped the FBI identify the Russian spy ring. Last Friday, it emerged that 53-year-old Tretyakov had died at his home in Florida. When he defected to the US, along with his wife and daughter, Tretyakov was second-in-command at the SVR (Russian external intelligence) station operating out of Russia’s United Nations mission in New York. This is the same outfit that coordinated the 10 Russian deep-cover agents arrested by the FBI in June. Tretyakov’s death was announced by the late Russian spy’s friend and confidante Pete Earley, who in 2008 wrote a book about the defector. It is worth noting that Tretyakov actually died on June 13, but his wife, Helen Tretyakov, requested that his death not be publicly announced until the precise cause of death was determined. Although this has reportedly been done, there appears to be some confusion as to the status of Tretyakov’s autopsy. The Associated Press reports that the autopsy report was “pending” and that “it would be completed after July 26”. But Earley claims that an FBI source told him the “autopsy has […] been completed and it showed no evidence of foul play”. The author, whose 2008 book on Tretyakov is entitled Comrade J, insists that the late Russian defector was not connected to the FBI operation that led to the arrests of 10 Russian agents in several US cities last June. Earley maintains that Tretyakov shared with the FBI all he knew about Russian deep-cover agents, but that the SVR officer “did not know the individuals who later were arrested”.

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One Response to Dead defector not connected to Russian spies, insists friend

  1. jbq2 says:

    Look to Mark Twain who thought that Benjamin Disraeli stated that there are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics. This is just a lie, Mr. Earley. Tretyakov was “sold down the river” by agents on both sides who hate traitors to a cause. There is more than one story on the cause of his death. EMTs answered his wife’s frantic call for help. They told her that it was a heart attack. Later, the FBI released the official version of “meat caught in his windpipe”. Are you telling me that EMTs don’t know the Heimlich Maneuver? His wife was “scared to death” and rightfully so. Putin bragged about sending a hit man for the traitor who sold out the ten spies just like the Russies did when they sent the hit man to Mexico City to gut Leon Trotsky. These stories are not good because it shows the active aggression of Putin in getting his way across the world. Yushchenko was poisoned in Ukraine with Dioxin by the KGB with the blessing of Putin. Have we learned nothing since the assasination attempt on JPII after the orders came to use Bulgarian stooges to hire Mehmet Ali Agca.

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