News you may have missed #421 (‘not news’ edition)

  • Not news: Senior Afghan officials on CIA payroll. The New York Times‘ Mark Mazzetti and Dexter Filkins are right to air this story, but the real news here is the media industry’s collective gasp of fake shock and horror. Really?
  • Not news: Pentagon breached by foreign hacker. US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn has disclosed that an undisclosed foreign spy agency carried out a serious cyberattack on US military networks with the help of a tainted flash drive that was inserted into a laptop in the Middle East. Ah, the old memory-stick gift trick
  • Not news: Sex-obsessed coverage of Russian espionage continues. Russian and US media keep avoiding serious analysis of post-Cold-War Russian intelligence operations by focusing on Anna Chapman. This is no surprise, since pursuing the real story behind Russian deep-cover espionage in the United States takes hard work.>response to Le Carre’s comments.

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One Response to News you may have missed #421 (‘not news’ edition)

  1. I believe this Russian penetration into the D.O.D. is another spytriick to cover the defection of corruption in the F.S.B. and also an attempt to cover the apparent killing of the M.I.6 Agent as they may have had something to protect within the D.O.D. too. As far as the C.I.A. is accountable they are probably tasked with the counter-espionage running right now in Our and the Brithish Intelligence System. So in my understanding the Russians are in a panic stricken stage of covering their asses right Now. The Iranian Intelligence as well as al-Qaeda would have been grateful for the Russian help but may now be in serious Compromise.

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