CIA bank accounts used to funnel oil deal money, court documents claim



Court papers in a bizarre lawsuit involving $258 million in missing funds from an international oil deal, appear to show that the funds were channeled to dormant CIA bank accounts with the help of an Agency employee. The case is being ignored by US media, but has attracted attention in the Irish press, because an Irishman, Ed O’Neill, is the primary defendant in the lawsuit. O’Neil was the main consultant broker who helped facilitate a 2008 oil deal between involving NIB Petroleum of Venezuela and Russia’s Gazprom, both of which sold oil to Turkey’s UP Petroleum. Among O’Neil’s tasks was ensuring that six consulting companies were paid a total of $258 million for helping facilitate the complex deal. The Turkish company, UP, paid the funds to O’Neil, but they never arrived to the six companies. The latter are now suing O’Neil for the missing money. But Irish quality broadsheet The Independent, says it has seen copies of the court papers, filed in the US state of Illinois. According to the documents, O’Neil told his clients, who were awaiting the money, that he was having trouble wiring it to them, and that he had enlisted the assistance of a friend of his, by the name of Carlos Jesus Navarro, who was a CIA operative. According to the testimony of the plaintiffs, O’Neil told them that Navarro had access to several dormant CIA bank accounts, which could be used to wire the money around the world. With Navarro’s alleged help, the funds were then transferred to banks in Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and the island of Guernsey, before making their way to the Cayman Islands. From there they were transferred to Germany’s Commerzbank, and finally to a Bank of America branch in New York City. The money was supposed to be transferred one last time to the plaintiffs’ bank accounts in Chicago; but this last transfer never took place. When questioned by the companies, O’Neil claimed that Navarro had told him the transfer had been temporarily halted by the US Department of the Treasury, in connection with an FBI investigation into money laundering by Colombian drug cartels. But when the Treasury Department was contacted by the plaintiffs, the latter were told that the US government had no record of having impounded any of the aforementioned funds. The court documents, which are at the disposal of The Independent, raise numerous questions, including: does Carlos Jesus Navarro actually exist, and is he really an employee of the CIA? If so, was his employer aware of his use of CIA bank accounts to channel funds from an international oil deal? Moreover, what happened to the money, and does the CIA hold the answer to this question? Watch this space.

S. PHELAN and D. McDONALD “Man being sued over €185m oil deal ‘had lodged money in CIA accounts'” The Independent [13jul2011]

15 Responses to CIA bank accounts used to funnel oil deal money, court documents claim

  1. spongedocks says:

    What company or bank was involved in Chicago? Thanks.

  2. intelNews says:

    According to court documents, it was the Private Bank and Trust Company. [JF]

  3. Visit It is time for those in the intelligence community who got into this kind of work for PATRIOTIC reasons to begin fighting against the corruption sponsored by those that would be kings.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ed o’Neill, the so called consultant, is a taxi driver in Dublin. Why anyone would hand over 258 million dollars to him is beyond belief.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ed 258 million dollars that must have been some fare ,bomber

  6. john drewyor says:

    Let’s get some facts straight

    1. O`Neill is not being sued for these funds as the legal case against him was thrown out of court.

    2. O`Neill was exonerated by several law enforcement agencies of any wrongdoing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    do you have a link or anything to show that it was thrown out of court?

    what was he investigated for and how was he “exonerated”?

    there seems to be quite an elaborate story here and someone has a lot of questions to answer.

  8. John Drewyor says:

    you can look up the irish times and see their story. It seems to be the only one that actually reported that it was thrown out of court.

    Exonerated !… well he has it in writing from the irish police that he has nothing to worry about and submitted that to the Courts. I say thats pretty conclusive. Wouldnt you ? I got that from the Courts.

    Generally I dont reply to anonymous !…. However , yes there is an elaborate story here.. from the looks of it from the courts and the police here the guy was set up… The people who set him up have the questions to answer.. The US authorities are already investigating from what I know..thats what im looking at

    15-25 making license plates for them…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. I’ve found that. Here’s the link:

    Here’s the last two paragraphs:

    “Mr Justice Peter Kelly queried how he could enforce a judgment of a US court where the defendants had not submitted to the US court and had not entered an appearance.

    He ruled that no adequate explanation had been given for the delay in bringing the action and refused transfer, meaning the case will now proceed in the normal High Court list.”

    There’s nothing in the article saying the case was thrown out of court. Do you want to try again?

    I’m not sure what he has in writing from the Irish police because you have not explained what he was investigated for or how he was “exonerated”. He could have been exonerated for cruelty to leprechauns for all I know! So I say that’s not conclusive at all. And anyway since when do police forces in any country “exonerate” people in civil process?

    When you say that “the people who set him up have the questions to answer” what does that mean? Does that include the Illinois courts where judgement for $150m plus was got against him? What’s his explanation for his dealings with this CIA agent Navarro?

    Real facts please!

  10. john drewyor says:

    Mr Adashek\ Mr williams

    The case was thrown out of court. The judge refused to enter it into his court. Period. To enforce a judgement which according to the judge himself wasn’t contested but reported to the us authotities raised a lot of suspicions with him. The guy Couldn’t afford to go to the us courts to defend it. You knew that already but according to the attorney registration and discipline committee document which I have a copy of they didn’t entirely believe the explanation of Mr Williams and offered to hear it in court in the us if an irish court deemed the documents forgeries. From what I have read in court lodged documents. Mr O Neill is quite close to having that happen. He has already issued libel proceedings against your cohorts here and from what I am told by legal people here he will succeed relatively easily.
    If no deal was done and Bierleisk say it wasn’t done and provided proof to me which I have checked and verified and no money was sent or received where is the crime. You people accused the man of fraud. The cops say he hasn’t done a thing wrong.
    You can’t prove something that never happened.
    I’m also told that O NeiLl has been advised by DHS that an issue of identity theft of his passport is currently being investigated with you and Mr Williams being named as the culprits by the FBI. This is a federal crime along with the issue of the criminal complaint of fraudelent documents being lodged into the federal courts .
    You sir have a great deal to worry about.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah so I’ve no idea who Adeshek or Williams are, but it doesn’t really matter does it. No straight answers, just a pile of friggin nonsense and your MO is way too obvious

    Hope you don’t get too upset that no one is buying into this b/s. Best of luck trolling elsewhere “Mr Drewyor”!

  12. john drewyor says:

    Mr Adashek\ Mr Williams

    As no deal was done and no money was sent or received I’m at a loss to figure out what your angle is.

    O`Neill was exonerated by the police in Ireland. Your lawyers have that proof in writing, in black and white. That can’t be denied. He has not been arrested, questioned or interviewed in reply to any of the allegations you have made against him. Judge kelly refused the case into his court. In order to prove your case you will have to show the deal was done, that money was sent and money was received. As I have all of o neills court lodged documents and a copy of yours, you haven’t proven anything against the man. In fact your claims have proven to me, the courts and the media to be your downfall. Yes you got a judgement against him but as he couldn’t afford to go to the us to defend it in open court no other outcome was on the cards.

    Let me be frank here
    Mr Adashek\Mr Williams nothing you have shown , said or done leads me and my editors to no other conclusion that o neills claims in his documents are the real claims that are being taken very seriously by the courts and the police. He has issued libel proceedings against 3 firms and one individual. One is under appeal to the supreme court as he lost it on a technalicity only. He will not only in my opinion but in the opinions of legal senior counsel win against the individuals in galway and the individual in leopardstown, dublin.
    For someone who claims to not know williams or adashek you appear to have a very personal interest in attacking the man. Why is that ?..

    I won’t dignify your troll comment with a reply but I will say that once O neill finishes with the people in Ireland I sincerely hope he goes to the usa to deal with you . By the way mr adashek, what are your links to the crime figure Anthony Dorsetti, and that of Mr Schulman and Mr Harris. From the information I have gleaned from my sources in the Usa. A close business colleague of mr harris and schulman Is in federal prison for fraud and identity theft issues.

    From a credibility point of view its not good for you and your associates at all.

    Maybe you should come to Ireland and let me interview you.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Whatever buddy. All I say is it ain’t safe to drive a cab and type at the same time. Good luck in your case!

  14. john drewyor says:

    Mr Adashek \ Mr williams

    Its hard to argue with the truth.

    When you are prepared to show conclusive proof of money being sent and received you have a case. As no deal was done according to verifiable documents I have no judge in Ireland will entertain you. Not being confident enough to sign your name here and back up your claims tells me a lot. Until then I will focus the emphasis of my story on yourselves !.

    A point to note. When The people in Galway are faced with the prospect of loosing their business they will give you up. In my experience and I’m doing this 17 years it always happens.


    Have a nice day.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Simply put, the records in the US Federal court are public record. Look it up and you will see the information. John, are you the reporter this week or the banker? Oh maybe you are the elusive L.O.W. In any case, the truth will come to the table when it gets to the courts in Ireland. Watch as the excitement is just about to begin!!

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