Vladimir Putin ‘targeted by German spy agency’ during his KGB days

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
A German researcher claims that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was targeted by West German intelligence in the 1980s when he was a KGB operative in East Germany. In the Cold War’s closing stages, Putin and his wife, Ludmila Putina, who were then in their thirties, spent five years in Dresden, German Democratic Republic. As one of four KGB officers in Dresden, Putin was tasked with infiltrating the local university and monitoring the on-campus activities of the children of Soviet and East German notables. But according to new research published last week, an undercover agent of the BND, West Germany’s external intelligence agency, was able to infiltrate the Putin household in Dresden, and pass private information about the couple’s personal life to her spymasters in Bonn and in NATO. The agent, codenamed LENCHEN, a native German, worked as a translator at the KGB station in Dresden. She reportedly befriended Ludmila Putina, eventually becoming her “shoulder to cry on”, according to Erich Schmidt-Eenboom, director of the Weilheim-based Institute for Peace Studies, who has published several books on the history of the BND. Schmidt-Eenboom claims that LENCHEN became Ludmila Putina’s closest confidante in Dresden. The latter told her that Vladimir Putin had been involved in numerous infidelities over the years and that he often beat his wife. LENCHEN reported to her handlers that life in the Putin household was highly dysfunctional, despite an outward appearance of happiness and normality. Schmidt-Eenboom claims he confirmed the report with at least two unconnected sources with knowledge of BND operations during the Cold War. If the story is historically accurate, it will signify only the second known penetration of KGB structures in Europe by the BND. The only other such example, says Schmidt-Eenboom, involved an agent named COLONEL VIKTOR, who also worked as an agent for the BND in the 1980s. Eventually, claims the researcher, LENCHEN became pregnant during an affair with a KGB colonel, and, in 1989, managed to convince her West German handlers that she needed to be exfiltrated to West Germany in order to undergo an abortion. Once there, she successfully made a case for retiring from her espionage post in the East, and settling down in West Germany. Her request was granted, and today she lives in Germany under a new identity, claims Schmidt-Eenboom. Reporters contacted BND spokesman Dieter Arndt about the story, but were simply told that the spy agency does “not discuss our methods or our investigations”.

5 Responses to Vladimir Putin ‘targeted by German spy agency’ during his KGB days

  1. Kidd says:

    serving duty in germany for a russian spy would have to be one of the better field assignments. culture, freer movement, better quality of life. that makes up for the dark side that always comes with the job. one would have to believe that a household spy comes with the territory. the dresden assignment probably gave putin a more worldly view and helped him become who he is and better at dealing with the west.

  2. Prof says:

    i doubt this will be published in Russia

  3. ngetich says:

    The guy is good.

  4. ngetich says:

    That’s intelligence

  5. pHIL says:

    Putin is a left over remnant of Stalinism and needs to gain a little weight – lead poisoning.

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