Iran shows video footage of captured CIA surveillance drone



Iranian state television has aired pre-recorded footage of a surveillance drone that looks similar to the stealth RQ-170 Sentinel, which the US Central Intelligence Agency admitted it was missing earlier this week. Images of the unmanned surveillance drone, built by US military contractor Lockheed Martin, were broadcast during the main news bulletin on Thursday evening. The captured aircraft was shown in near-immaculate condition, resting on a display platform, with two men in Iranian military fatigues inspecting it. One of them was identified in the news report as Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Brigadier General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Aerospace Forces. He told the news reporters that the drone was brought down last week “in an electronic ambush” conducted jointly by the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian armed forces. He did not specify what he meant by “electronic ambush”, nor the exact location where the drone was physically captured by Iranian authorities. However, one report in the Iranian press alleged that the aircraft was initially detected by Iranian forces while flying over the town of Kashmar, in east Iran, located nearly 250 kilometers (about 150 miles) from the Afghan-Iranian border. If this report is accurate, it would signify that the CIA drone was flying deep within Iranian airspace, thus disputing initial claims to the contrary by the US Department of Defense. Another Iranian news outlet quoted anonymous military sources in Tehran, which said that the Chinese and Russian governments had already requested from the Iranian authorities permission to view the captured aircraft. Another pro-government newspaper said that Tehran was considering sharing the intelligence gathered from the captured drone with its regional allies in the Syrian government and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. But the Associated Press quoted an anonymous “US official”, who claimed that the captured aircraft “probably does not tell Tehran much that it did not already know”. However, as intelNews reported on Wednesday, the significance of the drone’s capture by Iranian authorities can be discerned from the fact that US officials are said to have considered last weekend several options for retrieving it from Iranian territory. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Defense, in association with the CIA, discussed at least three separate plans for recovering or destroying the aircraft wreckage. One of the options discussed involved sending an airborne team of US covert operatives into northeast Iran to locate the crashed drone, disassemble it, and carry its top-secret mechanical and electronic components back to a US base in Afghanistan.

7 Responses to Iran shows video footage of captured CIA surveillance drone

  1. the prof says:

    Chinese and Russain Military Intelligence are going to love this windfall. The Chinese have already studied the US stealth helicopter. What brought it down?

  2. 9h0s7 says:

    The actual architecture did. Re-review the pics (Any you can get.) Those walls are that tall for a reason.

    Think of it scientifically. How would that obstruction of airflow effect, say, a helicopter hoovering down to unload attackers?

    Can you imagine what kind of data the Iranians have recovered from this?

    They better keep an eye for the drone turning back on and trying to fly away.

  3. kidd says:

    i wouldn’t believe either side is willing to share how it was brought down — i will go with a jamming system that confused the guidance — an overwhelming amount of signals — but maybe they gave a clue with the word ‘ambush’ — how do you ambush an unmanned drone

  4. 9h0s7 says:

    They hijacked the remote command and control feed and landed it themselves, which is why it has ALMOST no damage.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Or a chinese built chip was used in the mfr of the drone and it used a backdoor to take over control.

  6. 9h0s7 says:

    I would say that’s highly unlikely.

    Much more likely is hijacking. Especially since Iran just got these from Russia

  7. 9h0s7 says:

    It has very interesting features and is fully capable of such an achievement.

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