Trial announced for Swiss nuclear smugglers said to be CIA agents

Urs Tinner

Switzerland has officially charged three Swiss citizens with assisting the nuclear smuggling network of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, who gave nuclear information to North Korea, Libya and Iran. But the scope of the trial will be severely limited under a peculiar plea bargain struck with the three defendants, which will prevent the court from examining their claims of having worked as agents of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Friedrich Tinner and his two sons, Urs and Marco, were arrested by German and Italian authorities in 2004 and extradited to Switzerland. Soon afterwards, Swiss authorities came under political pressure from the US Department of State, which appeared displeased with the prospect of a trial for the Tinners. Swiss government investigators quickly realized that the Tinners were considered valuable assets by the CIA, something which Urs Tinner himself admitted in a January 2009 interview. So convinced were Swiss authorities of Urs Tinners’ CIA connection claims, that they turned down repeated requests by the Tinners’ lawyers to release their clients on bail, fearing the three suspects would escape to the United States. In 2007, there was further uproar in Swiss public opinion, when it emerged that the Swiss Federal Department of Defense had secretly shredded 30,000 pages of vital evidence in the Tinners’ case, ostensibly to prevent their falling into the hands of foreign governments or terrorists. Several pundits accused Swiss authorities of destroying the documents under heavy political pressure from Washington. These suspicions were rekindled this week, after Switzerland’s attorney general announced that the Tinners would be tried for “aiding the illegal nuclear weapons program of an unknown state”. In the same announcement, however, the attorney general said that, under a guilty plea struck with the three defendants, no evidence regarding allegations of espionage would be heard in the main trial proceedings. British newspaper The Guardian quotes one expert on the A.Q. Kahn nuclear smuggling network, David Albright, as saying that the deal has been “done to keep the CIA link out of court”. The paper adds that observers predict that the Tinners will escape jail time, as they have already spent several years behind bars, in pre-trial detention.

5 Responses to Trial announced for Swiss nuclear smugglers said to be CIA agents

  1. Ove says:

    It can only be the Guardian that can call David Albright an expert.

  2. Eric Albert says:

    The Western world of class and Empire linked states has once again produced fascist enabling laws in Amerika, and through NATO and Israel, have produced a global Fascist Matrix where Western War criminals are protected, while whistleblowers who expose them as Fascists, criminals, like Asssange and others are prosecuted. Say Sieg HEIL to this global fascist thuggery, put them all in prison for being thugs, duplicitious criminals.

  3. avatar singh says:

    the guardian and all bbc like british propaganda machine are lairs and spies working for england to destablise the rest of the world. [deleted as per intelNews posting policy].

  4. avatar singh says:

    his is about a race of people who have systematically lied and twisted truth since their conception; telling lies as truth and deceiving the world. By their actions of “divide and conquer”, they have successfully pitted brother against brother and torn apart the fabric of every other race’s society; they have now installed themselves as the puppeteer of the world.
    In the first so-called World War, the war itself, according to Field Marshall von Moltke, had been unleashed, as a new “Seven Years War,” by means of the ouster of Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck on orders of the British imperial Royal family.

    Notably, Winston Churchill begged piteously for President Franklin Roosevelt’s help, only when a Hitler, who had been a British puppet helped to power by the circles of France’s Petain, was now was about to gobble up the British empire. This was a Britain which had wished to be rescued, temporarily, by a Roosevelt, but a Britain which often acted, during the war, through aid of some among its such rabidly racist tools as Montgomery, aiding Churchill’s Britain to delay an Allied victory in Europe in one fashion or another.1 In the meantime, Britain waited for President Franklin Roosevelt to die, so that a puppet of Wall Street and London, the Wall-Street-owned, asinine Harry S Truman could sell the United States to London. Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we never really regained our United States once President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert had been assassinated.
    isWorld War II was not fought to “save the world from fascism.” It was fought to smash the rivals of the Anglo-American Empire and provide the Empire with an insurmountable lead over everyone else. Guess who actually started WW II? It wasn’t Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. The same people started WW I, the Spanish American War, the Boer Wars, and also the Napoleonic (world) Wars which crushed France the second time and the Seven Years (world) War which crushed France the first time. Each victory established an insurmountable lead for the Empire over all of its rivals.
    if you are dumb enough to trust the u sa and england then you deserve what you get —– the only way to deal with the england and uisa is to be more treacherous and much stronger — the anglos love to beat up suckers and weaklings.

  5. avatar singh says:

    #The Modus operandi of usa and england—
    It’s true that the USAand england are rouge, outlaw natios.. The whole world knows its tricks: USA with English mafia pressures a nation into giving up its weapons – – USA and british media smears nation on a lie – – – USA gathers other bully nations and the pimp, Nato, to beat up the weaponless nation- – – -USAwith advise from england installs a puppet president – – -USAand english gangster military steals resources.
    British collaboration with the United States since WWII has been a disaster. British spies gave most of our secrets to the Russians. The British government talked us into staging a coup in Iran in 1953. This brought an extremely repressive government in Iran under the Shah and turned over the oil wells to British Petroleum until the Shah was overthrown in 1979. The British and French tried to seize the Suez Canal in 1956.

    The British government talked us into invading Libya just like we did in Iran and for the same reason – British Petroleum.
    The same bp which only last year polluted our beaches .

    ‘The UK received 385 million USD of its Marshall plan aid in the form of loans.[71] Unconnected to the Marshall plan the UK also received direct loans from the US amounting to 4.6 billion USD.[72] The proportion of Marshall plan loans versus Marshall plan grants was roughly 15% to 85% for both the UK and France
    the evidence for WMD in Iraq was forged with the help of our British friends and a half decent graphic designer.-where ever is evil there is English hands there.


    Oxfam and other NGOs have nice names but their connections are not so nice. Wanting to help other countries has even morphed into a new geopolitical military strategy to override sovereign countries and ignore international law in order to “protect” people. But this is being done with the UN demanding no votes before sovereign countries are invaded based on corporate media driven “humanitarian” necessity. It is a new colonialism. Previous financial powers used saving souls from paganism as the cover. But whatever it is called, it was and still is, about plunder.

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