Israeli-Iranian ‘dirty war’ nearing point of no return

Bomb blast in New DelhiBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | |
The ongoing intelligence war between Israel and Iran appears to be reaching unprecedented levels following the exposure earlier this week of a simultaneous bombing campaign against Israeli targets in Europe and Asia. The wife of Israel’s Defense Attaché in New Delhi, India, was among four people injured on Monday, after a magnetic bomb attached to her car exploded just 500 yards from the gates of the Israeli embassy. Three thousand miles away, in Tbilisi, Georgia, a sharp-eyed employee of the Israeli embassy there discovered a bomb attached to a diplomatic car; the device was eventually diffused by Georgian counterterrorist authorities. A few hours later, the government of Thailand announced that two Iranian nationals had been detained following an explosion at a rented house in the capital Bangkok, which critically injured one of the arrestees. A second man was reportedly arrested in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport while he was trying to board a flight to Malaysia. At least two other men, also Iranian nationals, remain at large, though Thai officials suspect they have already fled to Iran. (Update: Thai authorities have confirmed the bombers’ targets were Israeli diplomats). Speaking anonymously to Bloomberg news agency, US intelligence officials said that operations directed at Israeli targets were also “disrupted” in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, as well as in Bulgaria. Observers have also noted that the attack that injured the wife of the Israeli diplomat was carried out in one of Israel’s strongest allies in Asia, thus delivering a two-fold message to both Tel Aviv and New Delhi. India’s Home Affairs Minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, told journalists yesterday that the attack in the Indian capital was conducted by a “well trained” motorcyclist, who attached “a magnetic device” to the car before speeding away. There seems to be little doubt among experts that the attacks were coordinated and were meant as retaliation against the recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, which have been blamed on the Israeli intelligence services. Bloomberg quotes one American intelligence expert, who says that the “surge” of assassination attempts directed against Iran and Israel appears to be escalating out of control. Some are beginning to compare the current situation with Operation WRATH OF GOD of the 1980s and 1990s, when the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad engaged in a dirty war of bombings and assassinations with Palestinian militants, including members of the group Black September. It is worth noting, however, that WRATH OF GOD was part of a dirty war between Israel and non-state actors. Assuming that there was no involvement of Hezbollah in last Monday’s operations, the current dirty war appears to be taking place between two governments.

16 Responses to Israeli-Iranian ‘dirty war’ nearing point of no return

  1. Anonymous says:

    It takes two to tango. With Israel, everyone is a target, it’s what they do, kill, and they are good at it. ( for now )…

  2. DDearborn says:


    OK people these “Bombings” are clearly false flag ops conducted by israel. How many israelis were actually killed? And why at this juncture would Iran logically conduct such attacks? The answer of course is that there is absolutely zero advatage for Iran to conduct attacks. On the other hand israel could not ask for a better more public or more opportune time for this to happen.
    So ask your self which side would actually do this? Which country has a very long history of conducting false flag ops (even against it’s own people). Which side benefits. Does anyone honestly believe Iran is going to do something that absolutely, positively has no benefit to them, but gives tremendous advantage to the israelis? Come on wake up people! How many times in the run up to the Iraq war did we see this same pattern. Time after time false flags where conducted by the US and israel at the most opportune times. Look people just because israel and the US don’t like Iran, and they are vilified daily in the zionist press does not make them stupid.
    Clearly these are flag ops that israel is so famous for.

  3. It’s a war that cannot be stopped. Criminally Insane Zionists, both Christian and Jew, are running this ship and it’s going down fast. They WANT the legacy of Death.

  4. Lucille says:

    It’s all “Acts of Valour” here in the states. They call our murderers “Heroes” It’s all B.S. If you ask my brother who is in active duty as of now. He regrets ever signing up for it. He is not the only one, I have a navy seal buddy that tells me, the same thing. He served in several operations just recently a few months ago, doesn’t go into specs, that’s understandable I don’t care, but it is truly bull crap!

  5. christophe says:

    Well summed up so I wont even say a thing….

  6. says:

    The comments here are amazingly one sided. Not all the world’s ills or crazies reside in Israel.

    “Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map.” The obsession with Israel by the Islamic theocracies, is nothing more than Islamic imperialism that began in the eighth century.

    Time had a good article on its web site 6 Feb: “The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World”. Viewing the movement outside of historical context is very short sided.

  7. Snappy says:

    For once, can the United States please just sit in the stands, eat peanuts and watch the idiots bloody each others noses?

    It is high time the US stopped poking at Iran and high time we let Israel stand on its own two feet. Maybe if it had to go without our help, it would work a little harder at peace.

  8. JRice says:


    About 10% of Palestinians are Christian, so there are Christians suffering at the hands of a Judaic nation as well. Israel is no saint here either. The persecution of Christians is both a Jewish and Muslim problem.

  9. Cool Breeze says:

    All these bombings are being carried out by Mossad itself.

    Everyone knows it’s their MO – and Israeli’s Mosad does not care how many of their own people get killed in the process.

    It’s all ultimately for the power and war profits by the US-UK-Israel Axiis.

    They may be fooling some people some of the time.

  10. Oldtimer says:

    There are many ways to deceive and kill people san the Mossad knows them all!

  11. Smarter Than Average says:

    [Edited as per intelNews’ comment posting policy]

  12. To actually be Israel wouldn’t so-called “Jews” need to be Israelites ?
    If so what Tribe are the JAPHETIC = ASHKENAZIM proselytes [Zionazi’s] allegedly from ?;article=140139;

    Cui Bono ? Edgar J. Steele pointedly observed in brilliant prose …IT WASN’T ARABS.

    All the Faux-narratives combined and cubed will not alter or abolish the truth about the stool sculpture deity cult, notwithstanding the ADL/FBI HOMSEC,AIPAC and the BRAINDEADGOY/TAXPAYERS….!

  13. & ….er um Republican “Presidential” candidates who buy into the LIES on the flickering flatscreen [raw sewerage]poopaganda outlet mall called Talmudvision, the wholesale source for discounted pilpul twaddle and gargantuan gobs of substantial misstatements of fact by bobble headed dingbats and morons….who wouldn’t recognize a FACT if it nested in their Cranial cavity in flashing neon or tattoo’d on they foreheads.

  14. says:

    JRice : So let’s examine the evidence, Islamists attack Christians and churches in Palestine, Sudan, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan (the list is long much too long for this blog), religious murder of mostly women and children.

    How is it Israel’s fault that the followers of Islam regularly call for the death or subjugation of all Christians and Jews in their actions and words? How is the destruction of Israel suppose to change their behavior? It won’t.

    Life is very hard for Palestinian Christians. They are a persecuted minority in the West Bank and Gaza, by Hamas and the tenets of Islam and Israel only makes life more difficult for them. Will the destruction of Israel, protect the Christians in Palestine? Hardly!

  15. S Balu says:

    I clearly remember False Flag in Mombasa by MOSSAD a fake and CRUDE Job blamed on an INNOCENT SOMALI reality was that HOTEL PARADISE iN MOMBASA was used as safe House for BOMBING of US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam!This found out and hence QUICK JOB NO INJURIES but blamed on SOMALI EXACT SAME has occured in Thailand,INDIA etc

  16. Koolz says:

    you journalist fail to realize that the exact same bombs were used in all accounts of attacks. Also it is the US that trains the Israel Mossad on these attacks.
    This is known on the internet.

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