Israel ‘has decided to attack Iran’, claims US intelligence source

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack ObamaBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS| |
The consensus in the US intelligence community is that Israel has decided “on principle” to launch a military strike on Iran in order to halt its nuclear program, according to an American intelligence insider. The American source was quoted on Israel’s Channel 2 (Arutz 2) television on Monday as saying that most US intelligence analysts believe “the attack will go ahead”. The source also argued that the Israeli public remains unaware of the “catastrophic consequences” of such an attack, which, according to US intelligence analysts, will be met with thousands of missiles launched against Israel by Iran and several Arab states. The confrontation will most likely trigger a regional war and “possibly even World War III”, said the source, citing US intelligence reports on the subject. He also warned Israel that the decision to attack Iran would be “tantamount to suicide”. The Channel 2 report claimed that the American and Israeli governments are “deeply at odds” over the potential consequences of a military attack on Iran, but that Tel Aviv has already decided to authorize strikes. The latter will allegedly take place before summer, unless there is “a significant change in the Iranian nuclear program in the next few weeks”, said the report. However, sources close to the Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the Channel 2 report as part of “scare tactics” employed by Washington. The sources dismissed the so-called “nightmare scenario” as a method employed by members in the administration of President Barack Obama, who “want to constrain Israel from contemplating an attack on Iran”. Meanwhile, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph effectively corroborates the Channel 2report, and adds that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu issued the US President with “an ultimatum” during their closed-door meeting in Washington on Monday. According to The Telegraph, Netanyahu told Obama that “unless he makes a firm pledge to use US military force” against Iran, Israel “may well take matters into its own hands within months”. IntelNews regulars will recall that, late last month, the Israeli leadership, publicly chastised the United States for voicing criticism of a possible Israeli military attack on Iran, arguing that this criticism effectively “served Iran’s interests”.

11 Responses to Israel ‘has decided to attack Iran’, claims US intelligence source

  1. Carl Clark says:

    Israel are of the consensus that if they start to struggle against Iran, which they will, the west will come in like the cavalry because of the information they hold on western governments, which could bring many governments down if we do not comply??
    What sensational news do they hold on the U.S ? whatever it is the U.S are quaking in their boots and are now saying we may have to support Israel if the attack.goes ahead, both countries are now on standby and are getting almost to battle ready, anyone else out there now of any compromising areas that Israel may hold over the west?

  2. Well let’s see.. everything this government has ever said, has been nothing but LIES.. so it could be just about anything.. the scales are falling off the eyes of all who want to ‘see’, but let the u.s. and izrahell wage war against peaceful Iran, who only want to be left alone in peace, and let’s see what the GREAT GOD has to say about that.

  3. Kidd says:

    a hard rain is a gonna fall

  4. pickle head says:

    since govs are such liars and nobody has any idea what is truth and what is fabrication, i’m just going to generate my own conspiracy theories. maybe the usa WANTS israel to attack iran. then both israel and iran will get bombed into chaos, giving the usa the opportunity to march in like heros and restore ‘order, stability, and peace’ to the area, being as those are always the noble goals of any usa effort.
    as far as what info israel has on the usa, i dont doubt that there has been plenty of complicity and cooperation between the cia and mossad.
    attention aliens: if there was ever a time for an invasion by a superior intelligence, the time is now, [tho i dont think humans are worth the effort]

  5. Chris Batchelor says:

    I think Israel should be banned from the Planet.
    They are placing the people’s of the World over their paranoia.
    This is exactly why the United Nations was formed, and the League of Nations before that.
    Why MUST they attack….supposing the Iranians are building just a power station?
    Why cannot Israel accept mediation and/or diplomacy?
    Why it has to ‘go it alone’?
    Go what alone…igniting World War 3?Wasn’t Sub-prime enough?
    Now (they feel) they must finish the job.

  6. Anonymous says:

    in a battle field an enemy when attacked has got three options but he uses the forth one. i have seen the consequences when i see people maimed, disabled mentally disturbed due to the causalities of war but most the absence of those who never make it home. our nightmares are real

  7. in a battlefield the enemy has got only three options but he only takes the fourth one. the conflict some say its religiously crusades, others say its historically some say its in the pentagon agenda/plan. wherever we turn to solve the issue or wherever we turn our heads to dodge the issue we will be confronted by answers. will you be there?

  8. Carl Clark says:

    I totally agree, as Jesus is the best intel I have come across in my life, he is the only one who can knock some sense into this world.

  9. A Father with Children says:

    USA Stay OUT of it !!
    All you will do is escalate it, But That Is Exactly What you want ! WAR = $$$
    Man + Bomb = $$$
    If Israel wants to commit suicide let it.
    No More War, find another way to support your people without the war machine.
    Get a REAL job !!

  10. Carl Clark says:

    Well done we need more to speak out israel will have to rethink their whole strategy if the west stay out, that may be the pre cursor to a peaceful solution.

  11. Carl Clark says:

    Israel have not got the bottle as they will get a severe beating, they have underestimated Iran, while under their noses, they are beefing up their defences to take out the Israeli airforce. It is a suicide mission and Israel do not do suicide, they are too self preserving and paranoid theses days to take a chance like they did at entebbe. If Ben gurion was about it would have been done and dusted even Golda Meir, would have launched an attack before Iran were fully ready, Netanyahu on the other hand talks the talk, but has lost his advantage and so they have to wait for their masters the help them, its like Israel need someone to hold their hand and direct them, maybe because they lost the war in Lebanon and were humiliated and also the Gaza incursion was an embarrasment for them, the IDF has lost its bite they are a different breed nowadays with the world having them in the spotlight waiting to catch them out.

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