News you may have missed #691

Thomas DrakeBy IAN ALLEN| |
►►NSA whistleblower says Obama worse than Bush. Thomas Drake, the whistleblower whom the administration of US President Barack Obama tried and failed to prosecute for leaking information about waste, fraud and abuse at the National Security Agency, now works at an Apple store in Maryland. In an interview with Salon, Drake says the Obama administration is “expanding the secrecy regime far beyond what Bush ever intended”.
►►Australian spies reportedly buying computer bugs. The Australian government is buying computer security weaknesses found by hackers before they are sold on the black market, as part of its defense strategy, according to an Australian security consultant who wishes to remain anonymous. He says while the government won’t admit it, buying vulnerabilities is an obvious part of “gathering intelligence”.
►►Refugees in Finland face spying threats. Foreign governments and groups are carrying out more spying on refugees and dissidents living in Finland, according to SUPO, the country’s security intelligence service. SUPO issued a report last week contending that while the Scandinavian country isn’t seeing an increased threat of terrorist acts on its soil, it still faces several terror-related challenges. One of them is “regular” surveillance activity by foreign intelligence services operating within Finland, whose aim is spy on their home countries’ dissidents and develop links with other refugees and expatriates.

One Response to News you may have missed #691

  1. pickle head says:

    i’m a pickle head, but imo there is getting to be way too much secrecy and spying going on. Plausible deniability has balls and transparency is for pussies and commies. i have a plan for an april fools day ‘insurgency’. since the usa gov redacts everything and stamps it with classified, tax payers should send in a heavily redacted version of their tax return with everything blacked out but a few random meaningless numbers. everybody hates the irs from the tea party to buffet fans. i bet u can buy classified stamps on the internet for the joy of pounding your fist at the gov. ppl cd send their real returns but to the wrong irs address. they cd put in little arithmetic mistakes to mess with the irs computers. if this is illegal, someone else sent this.

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