Iran offers more details on alleged Israeli sabotage ring

Israel and IranBy IAN ALLEN | |
Iranian state media have released fresh details about the arrests of several members of an alleged Israeli sabotage ring, which were initially announced last week. According to the original reports from Tehran, which were notably vague, the ring was allegedly supported by Israel and its members were “plotting attacks” against Iranian government targets. The latest reports from Iran’s IRNA news agency state that the arrestees include “more than fifteen Iranian and foreign nationals […] spying for Israel” and that those arrested were involved in a complex sabotage plot orchestrated by the “Zionist regime” —a term used by Iranian government media to refer to the Jewish state. The reports claim that the group had planned to assassinate an Iranian government “specialist”, possibly a reference to employees in the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Moreover, Iranian state prosecutors allege that the planned assassination had been scheduled for last February 10, but was preempted by the planners’ arrests. The date suggests that the arrests were conducted over two months ago. If the February 10 date is accurate, it would also signify that the alleged assassination had been planned for the day before the 33rd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, which commemorates the day when the regime of Iran’s Shah collapsed and power was transferred to the hands of the revolutionaries led by Ayatollah Khomeini. According to the reports in media outlets controlled by Tehran, Iranian counterintelligence forces also verified that the members of the alleged sabotage group were using Israeli diplomatic missions in Europe to plan and coordinate the purported February 10 action. However, none of the reports have gone so far as to specify the nature and role of the alleged sabotage ring. Nor has the name, rank, or expertise of the alleged target of the assassination been revealed. The Iranian government has refused to elaborate on the nationalities of those arrested; Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also refused to comment on Tehran’s allegations.

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