Israeli intelligence insiders warn of ‘imminent’ attack on Iran

If Iranian government officials had a uranium centrifuge for each time a warning is issued of an impending military attack on Tehran, they would undoubtedly have a nuclear weapon by now. Warnings about such an attack are now ‘a-dime-a-dozen’. Yet it is admittedly difficult to ignore the increasing frequency with which such warnings are being issued by leading retired intelligence officials in Israel. Last week alone, two intelligence insiders, Major-General Danny Yatom and Efraim Halevy, both former Directors of the Mossad, Israel’s main external intelligence agency, said a military attack on Iran was imminent. Speaking on Wednesday, Halevy said that Israel’s threats of a military attack were “credible” and “serious”, adding that, if he were an Iranian, he would be “very fearful of the next 12 weeks”. His comments were echoed on Sunday by Major-General Yatom, who told Israel’s Army Radio that the debate among senior Israeli security officials was not over whether Israel should strike Iran, but about when it should do so. The two men spoke shortly after a similar warning was issued by Major-General Aharon Ze’evi Farkash, former chief of Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate. Farkash, who is not a proponent of an all-out military operation against Iran, said that an Israeli attack would probably come “within weeks, or a couple of months”. It is worth pointing out that all three men issued their public warnings along with significant reservations about the way Israel is handing the situation with Iran. Halevy said that, in his view, “it would not be desirable for Israel to act alone” against Iran and warned of a potentially serious international backlash. Major-General Farkash reiterated his previously stated position that an open military attack on Iran at this point in time would be premature and would “ruin the legitimacy that is needed” in order to permanently stop Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions. Finally, Major-General Yatom criticized the constant public warnings by Israeli officials about a planned attack on Iran, saying that, in order to be effective, such discussions and preparations should be taking place in secret (incidentally, intelNews has asked this question before, namely why are Israeli leaders so chatty on the topic of bombing Iran? One would think that, by being so vocal about their intentions, they risk losing a major strategic advantage that Israel’s military has relied on in the past: namely the element of surprise). Such concerns are shared by other former intelligence insiders in Israel, notably ex-Mossad Director Meir Dagan. In June 2011, Dagan was stripped of his diplomatic passport after dismissing the idea of bombing Iran as “stupid” and calling Israeli leaders “reckless and irresponsible” for wanting to go to war with Iran.

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2 Responses to Israeli intelligence insiders warn of ‘imminent’ attack on Iran

  1. atma says:

    maybe the israelis are being so chatty about their plans b/c they want to stoke paranoia in iran and provoke some kind of incident which will give the israelis justification/support in the international community for attacking. it seems to me that both israel and the usa do this with their enemies.
    if i were iran, i would be in a big hurry to gather/develop whatever defensive/offensive weapons i cd, but that will only give israel/usa more justification/excuses for a preemptive strike.
    i feel bad for all the people who will die. i feel ashamed of the usa for appearing to support actions which cause so much death and destruction and hypocritically claiming it is done for peace when really it is done for control and profit.

  2. BillySpudd says:

    Puffed up Israeli braggadocio aside, I wonder how Israel would react to constant Iranian musing in the world media that “they need to launch a preemptive strike on Israel so that Israel wouldn’t be able to attack Iran”? Why does the world allow such tiresome, vicious xenophobic garbage to flow out of Israel unchallenged while, if other nations engage in the same hateful war harangue, they are driven out of the international community? Hitler once famously asked, “How many divisions does the pope have?”, It’s modern equivalent is to ask, “How much financial control do the Persians have over other nations?”

    The nations of the world need to unite and force Israel to start acting like a real nation instead of the outlaw nation run by a mafioso it really is. Nations which listen to, believe and support Israel are nations whose governments are composed of corrupt cowards and are a shame to the nations they claim to represent. The politicians of the United States have engaged in treason and have turned the United States into a colony of Israel. They all belong in prison.

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