White House silent on rumors of ‘alarming’ info about Iran nukes

Ehud BarakBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
The White House has refused comment on news from Israel that a recent American intelligence report contains “explosive” new findings on Iran’s nuclear program. Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz said yesterday that, according to Israel’s Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran is currently “being passed around senior [government] offices” in the United States. Speaking on Thursday on government-owned Israel Radio, Barak said that the new NIE has brought American estimates on Iran’s nuclear program “closer to the Israeli position”. The NIE is a classified report, produced annually, that presents the consensus view of the US Intelligence Community on critical issues affecting American national security. Notably, a series of recent NIE reports have consistently argued that the Iranian government remains essentially indecisive about whether to militarize its nuclear program. IntelNews regulars may recall that, according to The New York Times, Israel’s primary external intelligence agency, the Mossad, is in broad agreement with the premise of recent American NIEs. Like its American equivalent, the CIA, the Israeli agency does not believe that Iran’s nuclear program has been militarized at this point. There is, however, one crucial difference between American and Israeli estimates on the subject: namely Tel Aviv’s view that the Iranian nuclear program should be militarily confronted regardless of Tehran’s future policy goals. According to Barak, the new American intelligence report contains “alarming […] information” that Iran has achieved “surprising, notable progress” on the research and development stage of its nuclear program. In subsequent comments, the Israeli Defense Minister said that he was unsure whether the report was “under the title NIE or under another title”, but expressed confidence that its contents would radically affect Washington’s overall view on the subject. But the White House refused late on Thursday to comment on Barak’s revelations. Speaking to journalists aboard Air Force One, White House spokesman Jay Carney said he had nothing to say on “intelligence matters or intelligence […] the President may or may not have received”. He also refused to answer questions on whether White House officials were displeased that a member of the Israeli government revealed information to the media about a classified US intelligence report.

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4 Responses to White House silent on rumors of ‘alarming’ info about Iran nukes

  1. Ove Larsen says:

    It’s Barak disinformtion like a LOT of other planted disinformation in the Iran debate.
    It’s NOT a NIE – but an intel report – and that can be anything – but it’s not a NIE. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/09/us-israel-iran-usa-idUSBRE8781GS20120809.
    NIE still say that Iran is not making nuke – still inside NPT – and it’s a civilian program confirmed by IAEA.

  2. Kidd says:

    israel wants the u.s. blessing into attacking iran , or just plain ol goading the u/s into doing the their dirty work. but, with all the other fighting going on in the region, maybe it would be better to set back and let all those countries duke it out with each other. the arab spring is catching fire and not so much in a good way

  3. Irel says:

    I have no doubt there exists Iranian sleeper cells on U.S. soil ready to jump in to action as soon as the orders are given, just as their exists Spetsnaz and other saboteurs of various nations in close proximity to soft targets and vital utilities. What scares me about a war with Iran is the definite possibility of a strike on American soil. One thing I have noticed as well is the interesting tie between the growing militia/”patriot”/truther/neo-nazi movement and Russian news outlets such as RT and the line being peddled by Iran on 9/11 being a hoax/jewish plot.

  4. Kidd says:

    to Irel and others. I have been wondering too if this war will spill over into the US with as many varieties of Middle Eastern immigrants living here. Once the fireworks start going off over there, then the bloodshed will begin here, with some factions of ethnic groups targeting individuals and churches . Just don’t get stranded in the crossfire .

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