News you may have missed #801

Alan TuringBy IAN ALLEN | |
►►Israel charges Arab man with spying for Hezbollah. Israel has charged Milad Khatib, a 26-year-old Arab Israeli truck driver, who was arrested a month ago, with spying for Hezbollah, making contact with a foreign agent, conspiring to aid the enemy and belonging to an illegal group. According to the indictment, Khatib was in contact with a man named Barhan, a Hezbollah agent who operated in various European locations. The two allegedly met several times between 2007-2009 in Barhan’s home in Denmark, with all of Khatib’s expenses, including food, hospitality and entertainment, covered by Barhan.
►►Britains’ GCHQ praises Alan Turing legacy. In a rare public speech, Iain Lobban, the Director of GCHQ, Britain’s signals intelligence agency, has praised the legacy of British mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing. Widely considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Turing committed suicide in 1954, after the British government prosecuted him for being a homosexual. In 2009, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown offered a public apology for Turing, who is also credited with cracking the Nazi Enigma code —a vital part of the Allied effort in World War II.
►►Canada’s SIGINT agency to get new headquarters. Canada’s electronic spy organization believes that the state-of-the-art headquarters now being built in an Ottawa suburb will make it a leader among its allies and attract the best and brightest of spies, according to newly released Canadian government documents obtained by The Ottawa Citizen. When finished in 2015-16, the Canadian Communications Security Establishment’s new $880-million spy campus in Gloucester is expected to be home to more than 1,800 employees.

4 Responses to News you may have missed #801

  1. Natasha says:

    I’ve also reblogged this IntelNews leadin,

    If only Turing had born in the US he would have led a productive, well-recognized life, through to the 1970.

    paulywido – I’ve placed you on my blogroll.

  2. alexander beetle says:

    Is it just my impression or have all the spy orgs drastically lowered their hiring standards? I used to think that spies had to be highly knowledgeable, perceptive, and quick thinking. Now, I think they’re hiring high school grads with behavioral problems. Maybe it’s b/c nowadays everybody is spying on everybody, so they need to dig pretty down in the barrel to find enough spies. I think it was more exciting in the old days when they werent just a pack of bottom feeders. The glamour has totally gone out of the profession.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Was there glamor in the profession?

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