News you may have missed #846

North and South KoreaBy IAN ALLEN | |
►►Cuba confirms it hid weapons on seized N. Korean ship. Cuba has admitted being behind a stash of weapons found on board a North Korean ship seized in the Panama Canal. The ship was seized by Panama last week after “undeclared military cargo” was found hidden in a shipment of sugar. United Nations sanctions prohibit the supply of arms to North Korea in the continuing dispute over its nuclear program. But the Cuban foreign ministry said the ship was carrying “obsolete arms” from Cuba “for repair” in North Korea.
►►British undercover officers stole identities of dead children. Britain’s Metropolitan Police Service, which is responsible for policing most of the city of London, has admitted that its undercover police officers expropriated the identities of at least 43 dead children. But police officials refused to inform the children’s families at the time, saying the practice was considered “essential to protect covert officers who were working inside dangerous extremist groups”.
►►Snowden has ‘thousands’ of damaging NSA documents. The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, who first reported on the disclosures of former CIA employee Edward Snowden, has said that the self-styled whistleblower has “literally thousands of documents” in his possession, which are essentially an “instruction manual for how the NSA is built”. The information could allow someone to evade or mimic NSA surveillance tactics, the journalist said.

3 Responses to News you may have missed #846

  1. TFH says:

    Famous Chinese dissident criticized USA for acting like Chine a month ago in a Guardian article.
    It looks unlikely that the security president will take much notice so the future is probably a humankind divided into bureaucrats and elites of all nations with the power to intrude and spy on civilians lives on the one hand and the civilians that can only swallow the indignation of being monitored or protest strongly (rebel) on the other.
    If there was some clause that stated the surveillance was only to be used to prevent terrorism and research crimes then that might be acceptable, however there is not, any information about e.g. forming a strong third or fourth party for U.S. politics can (and most likely will) be brought to the attention of those it would harm and those two political parties are at liberty to use info gathered any way they see fit, that is to stay in power.

  2. Pete says:

    The Cuban arms smuggling affair would clearly set back efforts of the Cuban regime to improve relations with the US. North Korea is so in need of money (or any type of aid) that Cuba’s “for repair” excuse may be authentic. Basically Cuba may be justifying giving NK money (possibly in US$) and other aid.

    Again the Guardian’s (a newspaper suffering from declining sales) continuing need, as a business, to publish, will continue to put Edward’s sanctuary in Russia at risk.

  3. TFH says:

    Did Snowden mention Iceland first as a veiled threat, that he knows the island has been monitored completely in the last decade, all electronic communication, all surveillance cameras plus whatever tv sets and other electronic devices that have inbuilt monitors. For a repeat experience maybe like East Germany was but with better techonlogy.
    I do not know any of this but it is obvious to see that the technology is there and NSA, DARPHA and other such have done crazier things in the past.
    Just as a theoretic possibility I would like to put this out here, it is possible and there is no U.S. law to stop it.

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