Former KGB officer says Snowden was ‘tricked into going to Russia’

Boris KarpichkovBy JOSEPH FITSANAKIS |
A former major in the Soviet KGB has told the British press that a team of Russian intelligence operatives posing as diplomats “tricked” American intelligence defector Edward Snowden into going to Moscow. Many believe that Snowden, a former computer expert for the United States Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, was recruited by Russian intelligence before defecting to Moscow in June 2013. But former Soviet and Russian intelligence operative Boris Karpichkov has said in an interview that Snowden never intended to defect to Russia, but was lured there by a team of Russians spies. Karpichkov was a major in the Soviet KGB and its domestic-security successor, the FSB, where he worked for 15 years. In the mid-1990s, however, he gradually fell out with his employer and was imprisoned for several months before managing to leave his homeland using one of several false passports that had been supplied to him by Russian intelligence. In 1998 he entered Britain, where he lives with his family today, having been granted political asylum. He told British tabloid newspaper Sunday People that Snowden had first attracted the attention of Russian intelligence in 2007, while he was posted by the CIA to Geneva, Switzerland. During his time there, Snowden posed as a diplomat while maintaining the security of the CIA’s computer facilities located on Swiss soil. According to Karpichkov, the SVR, the post-Soviet successor of the KGB’s foreign-intelligence department, first opened a file on Snowden at that time, and kept updating it for six years, having identified the American computer technician as a “potential defector”. The former KGB operative told the British newspaper that the SVR moved quickly after it emerged that Snowden had abandoned Hawaii, where he had been posted by the NSA, and was hiding in a Hong Kong hotel. He was eventually accosted by a group of SVR spies posing as Russian diplomats. The group managed to persuade him, says Karpichkov, that the Russian government would be able to offer him protection in Moscow while he made up his mind over which country to apply to for political asylum. But as soon as Snowden arrived in Moscow, the SVR deliberately leaked his presence there, so as to prompt Washington to recall his passport. Indeed, the American government promptly cancelled Snowden’s American passport, thus effectively imprisoning him in Russia and forcing him to seek asylum there, claims Karpichkov. The former KGB officer says Snowden now lives in an FSB-controlled flat in a suburb of Moscow and meets with his FSB handlers “twice a week over plenty of food and drink”. Karpichkov told The Sunday People that the Russian government will probably keep Snowden for another three years, “until he has no more information to give” his handlers.

3 Responses to Former KGB officer says Snowden was ‘tricked into going to Russia’

  1. Gabriel says:

    This guy is obviously on Russia’s payroll.

    This story reminds me of a Russian defector – can’t remember his name – that said that Perestroika was a fraud and that Russia and China had long-term aims against the US. Subsequent, to his defection multiple “defectors” were sent to discredit his story. This defector seems to be playing a similar game or role.


    Is Edward Snowden really a Cuban Communist agent? He seems extremely sympathetic to or naive about Russian and Chinese privacy rights abuses, while being so “morally outraged” by the NSA!!!???

    Is that not strange?

  2. Brett says:

    This guy is an MI6 Asset, that’s how earns a living, since defecting to The UK.

  3. Sophia41 says:

    IF Snowden “was tricked”into going to Russia, why didn’t our IC have tabs on him to begin with?!

    Why are the PEOPLE of the US being targeted for review, when the EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT should be the ones who should be constantly monitored for reliability and personal integrity?

    1) IC emps should be issued ONLY Company phones, computers, etc.

    2) Using outside communications should be subject to search and seizure upon EMPLOYEE CONTRACT AGREEMENT, as a CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT

    3) As these “contract employees” are “hired to monitor the general population (if that’s even true, as so rumored), you would think there would be reasonable policies in place that should question FIRST, WHO is monitoring YOU! Wouldn’t you like to know if the person eavesdropping has a LEGAL right to, or is internally AUTHORIZED to monitor ANYONE, merely gaining access by unrestricted areas not being secured?

    4) Separate/Restricted/Limited Access to files/computers, etc; each employee is given a different computer EVERY DAY with new codes on it and those are rotated algorithmically so no advance guessing on when they will get the same file/computer back; redress storage device security, etc.-
    a. work devices stay at work
    b. Home devices originate from employer, can be taken home, and checked on next workday

    There should be no reason for “cleared” employees to have private/personal communication devices or materials – all employees should have to surrender ANY PERSONAL COMMUNICATION DEVICE upon request. As this is an ELITE employer, restrictions should be made as trade-offs for employment, ESPECIALLY with regard to OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS!

    All phone USBs, etc should have to be surrendered and communications should be limited to private mil style reinforced network with SECURITY BANKS*

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