Republican ex-intelligence officials launch high-profile campaign against Trump

Trump CIAA group of former United States senior intelligence and national security officials, who support the Republican Party, launched today a campaign to deny Donald Trump a second term as president. Calling itself Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden, the group launched its high-profile campaign with a full-time ad in the business broadsheet The Wall Street Journal.

The ad is signed by 73 members and supporters of the Republican Party, who served in senior intelligence and national security posts under presidents Donald Trump, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan. The list of signatories includes former Air Force Secretary Mike Donley, former National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter, former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director General Michael Hayden. William Webster, who served as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the CIA, and Elizabeth Neumann, former assistant secretary of Homeland Security, also signed the ad.

The text of the ad accuses the US president of corruption and lambasts him for lacking “the character and competence to lead this nation” in a time of crisis. It argues that Trump is “unfit to serve as president” because he “solicited foreign influence”, “disparaged [the US] armed forces, intelligence agencies, and diplomats”, and “imperiled America’s security”. In these and other ways, says the Republican group, Trump has “demonstrated that he is dangerously unfit to serve another term”.

This development highlights the contentious and at times downright adversarial relationship that has existed between the White House and parts of the United States Intelligence Community during Trump’s presidency. At the same time, such a high-profile effort by established intelligence and national security figures to deny the US president a second term in office, could be used by the Trump campaign as evidence of his crusade against what his supporters refer to as the ‘deep state’. The term refers to a purported network of unelected interests that resist the president’s efforts to implement his political agenda.

Author: Ian Allen | Date: 21 August 2020 | Permalink

11 Responses to Republican ex-intelligence officials launch high-profile campaign against Trump

  1. Pete says:

    Well done. Not only former US Intel Community officials but most thinking officials of other Five Eye nations want Trump gone.

  2. Suzie Khew says:

    It’s a project of Defending Democracy Together.
    Not exactly a Republican organization…

  3. Jefferson Darcy says:

    The tree of liberty needs refreshing

  4. DP says:

    Funny how there are 73 more criminals who just outed themselves to the Trump administration!

  5. Lee says:

    Pres Trump is in the process of refreshing the tree of liberty. Deep State is desperate; thanks for highlighting some of their names! POTUS is fighting for all the people – the deep state for themselves. This is NOT R vs D – this is good versus unspeakable evil. Read Pg. 294 of June 2018 Inspector General Report to find one of the most prolific traffickers of children:

  6. D. Aparicio says:

    Sounds ljne another Soros-Extreme Left Paid Hit Squad which shows how desparate rhe Extreme Left and Deep State Swamp fears Trump winning in November. I’m sure this camosign will fail as the counter point is why would any American would vote for a political party which has partnered with China to condone, and/or sponsor the Antifa violence occuring in our country.

  7. Glenn says:

    The Military/Industrial Complex that Ike warned us about!

  8. Rock says:

    “Well done. Not only former US Intel Community officials but most thinking officials of other Five Eye nations want Trump gone”
    And this too shall backfire on the DS. Trump will win and in the biggest of landslides, and I for one cannot wait to watch all you lefties screaming at the sky once again! lol

  9. Maverick for Truth says:

    This men are not republicans but tools for the Deep state which is obvious if you looked into their backgrounds.

  10. Anonymous XIII says:

    Is this the proper venue to wonder why Trump would now ruminate about pardoning Snowden?

  11. Anonymous says:

    @Rock: “Trump will win the one of the biggest landslides, and I for one, cannot wait to watch all you lefties screaming at the sky once again! Lol!”

    Basically: I don’t care about national security, the safety of servicemen, the homeland, because own the libs!

    So, long, I know. Can you read this much? Like, are you capable? Because I argue why you are an emasculated (does that make you trans? Since Diaper Don removed your balls?)follower totally devoted to a fat, incompetent, coward. I explain this and why I find the maga cult so pathetic. I mean, we in the federal government are just quaking in our boots at all the threats!

    Hmm. How’d this work out for you??? It seems like Donny B1tch-t1ts and his boot licking cult followers had one of the greatest emotional meltdowns in American history. A protracted 64 day toddler tantrum by your Daddy. But that’s not a surprise. Donnie is a coward. A draft dodging coward who used his father’s influence and wealth as an “east coast elite” to ensure his precious, tiny handed, spoiled, thin skinned, very scared, little prince Donny Jr, would be free from having to actually serve his country when called upon. I’m sure the spoiled little prince could have gone to OCS and rode a desk stateside for 2 years, being absolutely free from any danger of combat. But this was much too scary for Donny “I’m being treated very unfairly” trump. I thought he was a hard ass patriot, that doesn’t take shit, and would be masculine bulwark against the enemies of freedom? A draft dodging coward who refused any service when called, acts like a spoiled little girl if anyone dares critiquing him, wears makeup with elaborate hairdo, notoriously thin skinned, uses a gold toilet, pampers himself in luxury at all times, was totally dominated by Putin on several occasions, and on and on. Seems the the perfect example of “a weak man’s strong man and a genius only to the idiot.” I’m not surprised lick spittle like yourself fell for it. People without any personal strength are usually insecure about their weakness and afraid in general. Seeing trump posturing as the tough guy convinced you all very easily. But I was raised by a man who was truly self made. After 3 tours in Nam with the USMC, (2 purple hearts, Navy Cross w/ Valor Device) he educated himself and became the first R elected to the Circuit Court for our county ever. No loans of millions, no massive real estate empire to inherit (then bankrupt! How does anyone bankrupt a casino?!?!? An incompetent jackass). I was raised to think for myself, do right, love my country, and work hard. Eventually I earned a commission in the USMC and served until my 4th deployment when I was injured and no longer able to serve how I wanted. After earning a law degree myself, I went to work for the DoD then DoJ. As I had an Intel MOS in the USMC, I continued working intel.

    I should note that I’ve never been anything but a registered Independent. I definitely voted more R than D. I was a strong supporter of Sen McCain, a true Patriotic hero, he refused to allow daddy’s influence to benefit him as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton. He served with dignity and could make any true patriot proud to be American.

    But, the REALITY TV SHOW HOST you believe is above the law, who should be only be praised, believes journalists criticizing him should be jailed, required personal loyalty above loyalty to country, acted like a petulant little girl, pouting for hours of “Executive Time” whenever told violating the Constitution wasn’t feasible, then stabing them in the back on social media like a sullen overfed, underworked, teenager, firing patriots like HR McMaster and SecDef Gen John Mattis for refusing to be yes-men and sycophants. Not to mention his 25 year long personal friendship with Jeff Epstien and his adulterous affair with a broken down porn star (while his wife had just given birth) and the $3 million he directed to her for purchasing her silence. Very family values. Very Christian. Three marriages…. not very biblical…

    So what’s your response to 73 career Republicans with extensive Intelligence experience when they ALL AGREE that spoiled, little Donny fat*ss should not POTUS because he did things like gave Russian Foriegn Minister Sergey Lavrov intelligence about a covert source who infiltrated ISIS, intel that was classified at the highest possible level? BTW, destroying a multimillion dollar, years long, nearly impossible achievement that put countless American servicemen in mortal danger?

    Instead of thinking, “wow. This is bad. No president should mock those who serve. But if they are saying he’s incompetent, maybe I should consider it carefully.” NOPE! Your response was: my daddy trump is absolutely perfect. He’s going to use the power of his office improperly and make sure every govt agency works for his benefit, especially the national security apparatus, but I don’t care, drain the swamp! And next our Dear Leader is going to make it illegal to say mean things about him in the news. Winning!

    But poor little diaper wearing Donny lost… fairly. He lost the popular vote in 2016 as well. And FDR had the largest landslide win in 1936. Every attempt The Diaper made was laughed out of court. Even by judges he appointed! All 61 cases FAILED TO PROVIDE ANY PROOF OF ELECTION MISCONDUCT. The greatest POTUS in history was unable to prove a single claim. Hmm.

    It’s even funnier that everything the 73 intel vets said was true when SCI classified documents, about 300, that weren’t declassified, had not been through the declassification process required by law, and are not The Diaper’s personal property, were found at that joke mar-a-lago (a club he made up because the real rich people wouldn’t let him in any of the real ones. I bet you love conspiracy theories! Jared kushner, suspected of passing intel to the Saudis (Crown Prince MBL) in 2018, seized total power days after kushner left with intel he could have only received from a western source. Then, after his failure to makeover in NY real estate (dude must have an IQ of 16) his Arab friends rescue him from bankruptcy. Then in 2022 the Saudis invest $2 BILLION in his capital venture firm even though he has no experience, training, education, or currently managed assets. The Saudi government refused until overruled by Prince MBL, Jared’s old buddy. Shockingly, it’s found that the greatest secrets of the military and intel world are being hidden in Donny’s basement playroom. Improperly stored and not in a SCIF facility. I’m sure The Diaper or his failure of a SiL Jared, would never sell out the American people for personal gain…. because the Saudis are such charitable people who like giving billions away to businesses run by people with a proven track record of failure and stupidity.

    But boot licking traitors like you would rather have Donny Dirty Diaper elected for life and be above the people, the law, and the Constitution. Because he says all the shit I think about the people we both hate! Own the libs! Forget about freedom, because the Constitution should only be for the people that believe exactly everything I do! Dictators are bad if they own the libs!

    Your track record lately isn’t so good… I’m enjoying the “f*** your feelings” crowd having emotional meltdowns daily because the coward you worship is being held to the rule of law. But Donny’s crying and whining daily is even better! I’m so glad I’m not a brain dead follower of a weak and emotional 350lb man’s cult of personality. Those who are I find pathetic and disgusting.

    — just a friendly deep state lawyer

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