British former MI6 employee denies having passed secrets to Chinese operatives

Brussels BelgiumA former employee of British intelligence has strongly denied accusations, which surfaced last week in the European press, that he gave secrets to two Chinese operatives in exchange for money. Some news outlets have suggested that he is currently under investigation by at least one European government.

The individual in question is Fraser Cameron, a British businessman who worked in an intelligence capacity from 1976 to 1991. During those years, Mr. Cameron was reportedly employed by the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Britain’s version of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. He then worked for the British Foreign Office and the European Commission, before relocating to Belgium, where he is believed to have lived for much of the past 20 years. According to the news website Politico, Mr. Cameron has been “a visiting professor at several universities in Asia” and currently directs the Belgium-based EU-Asia Centre.

Politico and a number of other news outlets said last week that Belgian security agencies are investigating Mr. Cameron’s alleged contacts with “two Chinese journalists accredited in Brussels”, who are believed to work as intelligence officers. Politico cited “a person close to the case”, who claimed that an investigation was launched by Belgium’s office of the federal prosecutor after the two Chinese journalists were found to be secretly working for China’s Ministry of State Security. The news website said that, according to sources in Belgium, Mr. Cameron’s alleged activities “could constitute a risk for European officials”. The BBC cited “a senior [British] official”, who claimed that the Belgian probe was the result of a “long-running joint inquiry between British and Belgian intelligence” into the case, which had achieved “a breakthrough in recent months.

But Mr. Cameron strongly denied these allegations, which he termed “absurd” in his messages to various media outlets. He described the claims as “without foundation” and added: “I retired 15 years ago from official employment and have zero access to any sensitive information”.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 21 September 2020 | Permalink

2 Responses to British former MI6 employee denies having passed secrets to Chinese operatives

  1. Peter Parkinson says:

    Probably miss information put out by false claims, set up by a foreign Government/Chinese to get publicity, you could be asked in the street for directions by Chinese agents, be photographed/videoed then now released without foundation to blacken your name.
    Criminals would do it in the UK. Story will likely fizzle out.

  2. There are a surprisingly large number of “think tanks” like the EU-Asia Centre. I have always wondered what the real purposes of members of such bodies must be notwithstanding the organisations’ oft stated goals being to promote closer relations between members’ countries.

    In some instances, particularly where there are Russian or Chinese representatives, simply being associated with these organisations could be asking for trouble as most of those representing Russia/China often have military/intelligence backgrounds. A few unrequested emails after a long lunch or late dinner can soon wrongly incriminate even the most wary and let’s not forget there are more spies and embassy employees in Brussels than any other city on the planet.

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