New report says ‘Havana Syndrome’ was caused by directed microwave radiation

US embassy in CubaA NEW REPORT BY the United States National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, has found that the so-called ‘Havana Syndrome’, which afflicted American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and China in 2016 and 2017, was likely caused by directed microwave radiation. The study, which was commissioned by the US Department of State, is the latest in a long list of scientific assessments of the mysterious syndrome. The case remains a source of debate in the scientific, diplomatic and intelligence communities.

In 2017 Washington recalled the majority of its personnel from the US embassy in Havana, and at least two more diplomats from the US consulate in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The evacuees reported experiencing “unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena” and hearing “unusual sounds or piercing noises”. Subsequent tests showed that they suffered from sudden and unexplained loss of hearing, and possibly from various forms of brain injuries. In April of 2019 the Canadian embassy evacuated all family members of its personnel stationed in the Cuban capital over similar health concerns.

The latest study by the National Academies of Sciences resulted from the coordination of leading toxicologists, epidemiologists, electrical engineers and neurologists. The resulting 66-page report describes in detail the symptoms experienced by nearly 40 US government employees, who were examined for the purposes of the study. Its authors said they examined numerous potential causes, including psychological factors, infectious diseases, directed radio frequency energy, and even exposure to insecticides. Ultimately, the authors concluded that “many of the distinctive and acute signs, symptoms and observations reported by [US government] employees are consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radio frequency (RF) energy”, according to their report.

However, the study does not attempt to answer the burning question of whether the symptoms experienced by the sufferers resulted from deliberate attacks, and if so, who may have been behind them. Some have accused the governments of Cuba and/or Russia of being responsible for the syndrome. However, the Cuban and Russian governments have strongly denied the accusations. The National Academies of Sciences report does state that the systematic study of pulsed radio frequency energy has a history of over half a century in Russia and the Soviet Union.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 07 December 2020 | Permalink

7 Responses to New report says ‘Havana Syndrome’ was caused by directed microwave radiation

  1. Tyler Robinson says:

    Since Russia is identified as a possible culprit but there is no mention here of any incidents takings place in Russia, I thought it might be worth bringing up the case of former CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos, who seemed to have been affected by the “Havana Syndrome” while visiting Moscow.

    On a more speculative note, I have also wondered if an antipersonnel DEW capable of inducing these effects might begin to proliferate in near future armed conflicts, as it might enable reliable wounding rather than outright killing, and thereby impose a greater strain on an adversary’s resources.

  2. Franklin Alpha says:

    I’m amazed that noone in the press (that I’ve noticed yet anyway) has mentioned this but it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened with a US Embassy in a fairly hostile host country.

    From the 1950’s until the mid-1970’s the Soviets targeted the old US Embassy, Moscow with microwaves also, they were directed from an apartment toward the western side of the embassy. They eventually threw a faraday cage up on that side of the building and the Soviets gave up but its been attempted, the State Department, CIA and DIA were very quiet about it at the time and from what I understand the radiated energy was a lot lower but its the same MO here.

  3. Pete says:

    Hi Tyler Robinson and Franklin Alpha

    There hasn’t been much about this complex matter in the American press because the Trump Administration goes out of its way Not to be critical of Russia. So Mike Pompeo (a major Trump loyalist) who should be leading decisive action on behalf of his “diplomats’ ” health, is dragging his feet.

    Here are several sources of information on this matter that you may not be aware of:

    – an excellent Youtube interviewing US journalist Julia Ioffe. 3 minutes 15 seconds into the Youtube it is noted “these attacks also happed in Russia…against US diplomats”

    – Ioffe’s detailed GQ article and

  4. Joey says:

    These attacks didn’t happen under the Trump administration, nor does the Trump administration control the press. Facts are a funny thing, no matter who you like or hate in the oval office. We have learned who paid for the dossier claiming Russian collusion, that not ONE of the countless investigation have been able to collaborate or confirm. For those who still cling to the notion of a connection between Trump and Russia has clearly not been paying attention or have a clear understanding of facts…

  5. Pete says:

    Hi Joey

    Methinks you are putting a Trump Administration (in supine loyaltly to Russia) diminishment on things. But note

    FSB tie up in Australia late 2019 ? FSB providing the directed energy weapon to Cuban and Chinese intel for use against US officers.

    After January 20, 2021 the dots will be joined, under Biden and Blinken, and I daresay you’ll return to low profile.


  6. Pete says:

    P.S. Joey

    See 7 minutes of further details at (PBS NewsHour, December 11, 2020).

  7. Joey says:

    Hey Pete,

    Russia Russia mess is so over blown. Even if half of what has been reported was true, without an election loss, it wouldn’t be much news wise. They do it, we do it, the only difference is that Hillary poll numbers showed just how bad and deep the US media is in the pocket of the Democrats, not the Russians they so desperately need to hate now… Intelligence agencies have been doing it as long as there have been intelligence agencies. Now, it seems campaigns are trying to play victim too… Wasn’t that long ago when Russia threw out all of them American organizations in their country doing the same the DNC, Media and of course the ringleader her self: Hillary Clinton… What all these so called investigations show, is there is some smoke if you will, but no fire and that is why it is the way it is. Keep drinking the liberal kool-aid if you must, but at-least try to balance the so called facts from political BS. No matter what your feelings maybe on any of the so called facts, when media gets into bed with one party over the other, then Freedom of the Press dies, and our Democracy goes along with it… Democrats claim they are for the poor, but when they allow the media to run amok, then who is really guarding the hen-house… I don’t know many rich running the media now days… grape or cherry?

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