Germany arrests wife of alleged spy for China, says she assisted his espionage work

BND Germany

FEDERAL PROSECUTORS IN THE German city of Munich have arrested the wife of a German political scientist, who was himself arrested last month on charges of spying for China. Identified as “Klara K.”, the woman is believed to be a dual citizen of Germany and Italy. She is the wife of “Klaus K.”, 75, who began his career in the 1980s as a member of staff of the political research foundation Hanns Seidel Stiftung. The Munich-based foundation is the informal think-tank of the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), which is the Bavarian arm of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

As part of his job, Klaus L. traveled frequently to countries in Africa, Asia and Europe, as well as to former Soviet states. It is also believed that, for over five decades, he worked as a paid informant for the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) —Germany’s foreign intelligence agency. On July 5, Klaus L. was arrested by the German police, and charged with spying for China. His arrest came a few weeks after his home in Munich was searched by the police, as part of an investigation into his activities.

On Monday, federal prosecutors in Munich said they had also arrested Klaus K.’s wife, Klara K. She has been charged with “regularly provid[ing] Chinese secret service officials with information in the run-up to, or after, state visits or multinational conferences” in which she and Klaus K. participated. She has also been charged with providing Chinese intelligence with “information on pertinent current issues”.

Last month, German media reported that Klaus and Klara K. were arrested shortly after returning to the Bavarian capital from Italy. The couple were on their way to the Munich International Airport, from where they were scheduled to travel to the Chinese autonomous region of Macau, allegedly in order to meet their Chinese handlers. Neither the Chinese central government, nor the Chinese embassy in Berlin, have commented on the case. The BND said on Monday that it did not “comment on matters that relate to […] intelligence information or activities”.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 05 August 2021 | Permalink

One Response to Germany arrests wife of alleged spy for China, says she assisted his espionage work

  1. Pete says:

    Looks like Klaus L may have been unconsciously feeding secrets to Russian intelligence.

    With Klaus L. being German, traveling…frequently to countries in…Europe, as well as to former Soviet states” it is possible Klaus might not want to deal with ex-Soviet intelligence (now represented by Russia). Many German’s and ex-Soviet Europeans have a grudge against their cruel former Soviet/Russian overlords.

    Yet I would hazard Klaus L.’s travels and contacts would make his secrets of more interest to Russia than China.

    Klaus L. may have been more willing to be approached by a Chinese intelligence officer and feed that officer secrets instead of working with a ex-Soviet Russian officer.

    If China, as is likely, has an intelligence alliance with Russia then China could pass on Klaus L.’s “German BND, European, including former Soviet states” secrets to Russian intelligence. In return Russian intelligence could exchange secrets of more value to Chinese intelligence.

    To see if a Chinese-Russian intelligence alliance might exist I located this April 2021 article which inter alia indicates:

    “U.S. and allied officials dare not dismiss the certainty that Russia and China are sharing intelligence…”

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