Shin Bet arrests Israeli allegedly spying for Iran

A spokesperson for Shin Bet, Israel’s General Security Service, announced yesterday the capture of an Israeli-Argentinean citizen, living in Buenos Aires, for offering to spy against Israel on behalf of Iran. The man, Mauricio Segel, was arrested by Shin Bet and Israeli police officers on December 22, while attempting to enter Israel. He is accused of having contacted the Iranian embassy in the Argentinean capital and offered to sell Israeli government documents to Iranian diplomatic officials. Israeli intelligence sources claim Segel first contacted the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires in 2006 and gained the Iranians’ trust by giving them access to copies of his Israeli national passport and identification card. He then met several times with an Iranian agent working out of the Iranian embassy. Segel was indicted Thursday in Jerusalem on charges of contacting a foreign agent with the intent to reveal classified information. It is thought that Segel’s arrest is not connected with the 2007 arrests in Israel of a number of Iranian-born Jewish operatives whom Shin Bet claims were organizing a spy ring supervised by Tehran.

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One Response to Shin Bet arrests Israeli allegedly spying for Iran

  1. The Israeli’s have Definitely been a part of Deterring the Iranian Nuclear Projects, Forcing The Iranians to redo their Intel a bunch of Times and that s the kind on Nit-Picking that Forces the Iranians to make mistakes! Volunteer Intelligence

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