Chechnya President says US, UK spies active in region

Ramzan Kadyrov

Ramzan Kadyrov

The pro-Moscow President of Russia’s Chechen Republic has accused American and British intelligence services of collaborating with Muslim separatists in the region, in order to “split [Russia] apart”. Speaking to conservative newspaper Zavtra, President Ramzan Kadyrov said Russian government forces are “fighting in the mountains [against] the American and English intelligence agencies”. Asked to elaborate, Kadyrov alleged he had personally seen the US driver license of a CIA operative who was shot dead during a security operation he led. Kadyrov’s comments mark the first public allegation by a Russian government official of Western intelligence activity in the Russian Caucasus. Kadyrov, a former Chechen separatist rebel who switched camps and joined the pro-Moscow forces in 1999, has been implicated in the targeted assassinations of exiled Chechen separatist leaders in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, earlier this year. Last April, Emirates police officials investigating the killing of former Chechen separatist commander Sulim Yamadayev fingered Adam S. Delimkhanov, Chechnya’s former Prime Minister and Kadyrov’s close ally, as the assassin.

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One Response to Chechnya President says US, UK spies active in region

  1. The Cold War II is already on and should be Taken into a Very Swift Void for the Rusians to Operate in. This would make it hard for them to Look at Us and Smile. They might even Cuss awhile if They started turning up Dead Too! It would be at least a Good Tit for Tat, till the Beans were spilled by their own Operators. Making them look Bad too. Its hard for Russia to Look Bad right now or anytime for they are in a Prestiege that requires them to Be Accepted. By All Parties they are in Negotiations with. If their Security looks weak they will lose face. That can put the Hurt on their Credibility too. This is a Concern for The Mediteranian Allies too, for they are at Greatest Risk in the moments of The Nuclear Powers that Operate there. The help we put there now will pay off Later, for I Believe there will be a Continuim of Terror, of Large National Interests of Other Super Power Nations that support the Muslim terrorists that will put into play, a Plan to keep Us in Check after we win this War on Terrorism. That is something we need to Be ahead of when this WAR is over.

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