Jailed US scientist actually gave secret information to Israel

Stewart David Nozette

S.D. Nozette

By IAN ALLEN | intelNews.org |
On October 22, shortly after the arrest of US nuclear scientist Stuart David Nozette by an FBI counterintelligence agent, I speculated that Nozette “was already working for Israeli intelligence” when he was arrested by the FBI. My assumption appears to have been correct. On Thursday, the case prosecutor informed a US district court that Nozette told the undercover FBI agent, who was posing as an Israeli spy, that “he had passed information to Israel in the past”. As I have explained elsewhere, Nozette was employed for ten years as a technical consultant by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), an Israeli government-owned company that some believe is routinely involved in espionage operations on behalf of Israel. According to the case prosecutor, Nozette also told the undercover FBI agent that he had made a “career choice” to spy on the US, and was preparing to move abroad, possibly in Israel or Singapore, under an alias. Interestingly, Nozette’s voluntary revelations, all of which were meticulously recorded by an FBI electronic surveillance team during the undercover sting, do not form part of the Department of Justice’s official charges in the case. When asked to explain why, assistant US attorney Anthony Asuncion merely told reporters that what was important was that “[i]n his mind, [Nozette] committed actual espionage”. The question, however, remains: when did he start committing it?

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2 Responses to Jailed US scientist actually gave secret information to Israel

  1. M. Simon says:

    “[i]n his mind, [Nozette] committed actual espionage”

    Is it possible that he had been used for a long time in a funkenspeil type operation?

  2. I wonder if the Real Reason Israel was spying on the U.S. was to gain Intel on The Muslim World as well as to get Updated Intel on Our Weapons like the Chinese are doing However they are? Sure looks like everyone is trying to Get The Latest Defense and Intelligence Information as well as Intel on The Muslim World in Israel’s case they are desperate it seems to Detour or Disable the Muslim World. Of coarse this is Iran that is crawling down their throat too, and They[Israel] are Desperate to prevent a Nuclear Holocaust too! I feel they should be working in Proper channels to get a Better Established Trust that will work better than to Steal from Their Allies on this. WE seem to be the Target of Every Intelligence Agency on Earth! Volunteer Intelligence

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