News you may have missed #0172

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Expert news and commentary on intelligence, espionage, spies and spying, by Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis and Ian Allen.

One Response to News you may have missed #0172

  1. With the American Government Handling about 90% of the Worlds Intel and Securing it is such a Task, How else would anyone Do It? I feel that the only way we’ll keep ahead of The Intel Curve is to Protect what we’ve Got and Secure everything else, including HumInt too! The Humint is not as easy as Building a newer place to Process Intel and Secure it, as the Corruption process takes a while for the Enemy to do. But to Plant Trojans and Steal it form Us is a Goal of the Humint Process so this means that Securing the Process from The Operator is Criticla Mass! Building new Prcessors in the Security of Computers is also Critical Mass, and this is why I feel this way about this! Volunteer Intelligence

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