US prevented Israel from bombing arms ship, says paper

The Francop

The Francop

Israel wanted to bomb a German cargo ship, which allegedly carried tons of weapons from Syria and Iran to Lebanon, but the plan was “rejected” by US intelligence, according to a London-based Arabic-language newspaper. An article in last Friday’s Asharq Alawsat appears to confirm earlier speculation that the ship, which was seized by Israeli commandos in a predawn raid on Wednesday off the coast of Cyprus, was first brought to the Israelis’ attention by US intelligence agencies on October 18. The newspaper alleges that the raid by Israeli commandos took place only after the US rejected an Israeli suggestion to bomb the ship while it was sailing through the Red Sea. An air attack on the cargo ship, named Francop, would have undoubtedly caused a multinational diplomatic episode. The vessel is reportedly German, leased by Greek-Cypriot charter company UFS Shipping International, and was sailing under the flag of Antigua & Barbuda, with an Egyptian crew and a Polish captain. Israeli military officials told a press conference in Tel Aviv that the ship was loaded with “40 containers filled with 300 tons of weapons each”, hidden under several rows of civilian goods. Israel insists that the weapons, which include missiles, rockets, and AK-47 ammunition, were destined for Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamic political and paramilitary organization that controls large parts of Lebanon. But Hezbollah has denied any connection with the alleged shipment, and Syrian foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem, who called the Israeli commandos “pirates”, said the seized ship was heading from Syria to Iran, carrying only civilian goods.

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One Response to US prevented Israel from bombing arms ship, says paper

  1. This was part of the Setup on Israel that Iranian Forces plan to Take Israel out with, as described in another Post on this Matter! Only Iran is a Little Sloppy with their work too!And they will run the Gammit on Denial about this, while they sell the Terrorist their Equipment too! As in Afghnaistan. Anything they can do to Intensify the Situation with Israel or The West. They need to be seriously Offended by it and let them spin out of Control, Hit them Hard with a Major Blow of Force, like Blunt Force Tramma. That always seems to Slow them Down to a Manageable Playing level! They are not ready for a Confrontation either, for they are too much in Panic to deploy everything succesfully right now, and Failing to get’er Done Too! This is a real Crisis for Iran and they know Israel doesn’t let them go much further, before they Hang themselves with their Own Rope! Volunteer Intelligence

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