Abducted Iranian defense official reportedly held in Israel


Ali Reza Asgari

Ali-Reza Asgari

By JOSEPH FITSANAKIS | intelNews.org |
Iran’s former deputy defense minister, who went missing during a 2006 official visit to Turkey, was kidnapped in a joint Israeli-German-British operation, according to an Iranian newsmagazine. Brigadier general Ali-Reza Asgari, who once commanded Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, disappeared on December 9, 2006, from his hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey. Little more than a year later, Hans Rühle, former Director of Policy Planning in the German Ministry of Defense, wrote in Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung that Asgari was in Western hands and that “information was obtained” from him. Since then, other sources have alleged that Asgari defected willingly, including Dafna Linzer of the Washington Post and intelligence historian Gordon Thomas, in his 2009 book Secret Wars: One Hundred Years of British Intelligence (see intelNews book review). But Iran’s Alef news website said on Sunday that the former defense official was “abducted by [the] intelligence services of Germany and England […] in cooperation with the Mossad”, and is now being held in an Israeli prison against his will. The Iranian newsmagazine based its claim on the reported result of what it called a “two-year probe” into the affair, carried out by the Iranian secret services. If Asgari defected willingly, he would be the most senior Iranian defector to the West and/or to Israel in modern times.


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3 Responses to Abducted Iranian defense official reportedly held in Israel

  1. There was a Reason for this Guy to Defect in 2006 and That was the Pressure we put on The Iranian Government to Expose the Operations of Their Nuclear Plants. The Shell Game we were Playing with them. The Need to Keep the Iranian People in a Safe Place and To be a Popular Muslim is to Make sure that the Iranian people are not Harmed in this Political Pressured Operation, that was Begining to take shape with The C.I.A. moving into the Psychological Warfare, as well as the setup for the Cyber Attacks too! This was all made possible by the media as we are able to Influence the Iranian Public, by telling them the Truth about their Government! As well as The outcome of The Argument which would have been War! Volunteer Intelligence

  2. KMansfield says:

    Yes, the truth is what the CIA deals in, and the US government wants to enable regime change so we can farm unicorns and grow rainbows there. The true value of your “Volunteer” Intelligence services can also be determined by their price.

  3. Walter D says:

    well said! enough “volunteer intelligence” already

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