Australia investigates more alleged Israeli spies

ASIO Headquarters in Canberra


The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is among a number of Western intelligence agencies investigating at least three dual Australian-Israeli citizens, who are suspected of being Israeli spies. Citing “two Australian intelligence sources”, the Sydney Morning Herald said that the investigation into the three suspects began last year and is not connected to the January 19 assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. At least three of the 26-member Mossad hit squad that killed al-Mabhouh used forged Australian passports to enter and exit the United Arab Emirates. What alerted the ASIO to the three Mossad suspects is that all are connected to an apparent Israeli front company in Europe, all three emigrated to Israel within the last ten years, and all three recently changed their names (some repeatedly) from European-Jewish-sounding to Anglo-Saxon sounding. They then used their Australian passports, issued under their new names, to enter countries that are hostile to Israel, such as Syria, Iran and Lebanon, says the paper. One of the three suspects, who also holds British citizenship, is said to also be under investigation by British intelligence. Both ASIO and Israel’s embassy in Australia declined comment on the paper’s allegations.

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