News you may have missed #353

  • Name of British Mossad agent handed to Interpol. Dubai police have identified another suspect in the January murder of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. He is reportedly a 62-year-old British citizen, who is believed to be currently hiding in western Africa.
  • Russia jails man for spying for the US. Gennady Sipachyov, a Russian whose age and profession have been kept secret by Moscow, has been sentenced to a four-year sentence for allegedly emailing secret military maps identifying classified Russian military infrastructure to the US Pentagon in 2008. Earlier this month, a Russian court rejected an appeal by another alleged US spy, Igor Sutyagin.
  • Bulgarian government wants to copy CIA. Bulgaria’s Defense Minister, Anyu Angelov, has proposed the merging of intelligence services to create a mega-structure of the CIA type. Meanwhile, a panel investigating Bulgaria’s communist-era police files has exposed two of the country’s former counterintelligence heads as former communist state security agents.

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2 Responses to News you may have missed #353

  1. Van says:

    OT: Israeli soldiers give away secrets on Facebook…again

    “A number of Israeli soldiers reportedly fell victim to a Facebook spy scam, the German newspaper Der Spiegel wrote Tuesday.

    The soldiers seemingly befriend a young woman on the social networking site who may have been a Hezbollah operative, the daily wrote.

    The article, quoting an Israeli news site, said a Facebook profile belonging to Reut Zuckerman was used to lure soldiers to reveal sensitive information over the course of the past year. Zuckerman, whose photograph showed an attractive woman lounging on a sofa, pretended to be in the army herself herself.

    The soldiers allegedly started giving out details of their friends’ names, military jargon, secret codes and detailed descriptions of their bases, the daily wrote.

    In March, Israeli forces called off a raid into the occupied Palestinian territories after a soldier posted details on Facebook, Israel’s Army Radio reported. ”

  2. intelNews says:

    And for those who read German. [IA]

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