News you may have missed #369

  • UN official criticizes US over drone attacks. The use of targeted killings by the CIA, with weapons like drone aircraft, poses a growing challenge to the international rule of law, according to Philip Alston, United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings.
  • Russian spies less active during Obama administration. The Czech Republic’s Military Intelligence Service said in its annual report on Tuesday that Russian agents have reduced their activities in the country since US President Barack Obama abandoned Bush-era plans for missile defense systems in Eastern Europe.
  • Analysis: A look back at US intelligence reform. The 2004 US Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act was supposed to “address institutional obstacles that had complicated the intelligence community’s struggle to adapt to new technologies and a changing national security environment”. But five years later, many of those original obstacles remain in place.

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One Response to News you may have missed #369

  1. UnconSamson says:

    1. [on un assassination debacle]

    Utter nonsense. This drone stuff is effectively wartime activity which is understandable by all. Maybe the military should take it over, so the whole “this is unauthorized assassination” nonsense is thrown out.

    2. [Russia downing spy activity]

    Speaking of 1… how many mysterious deaths have been happening in russia to russian status quo enemies? Give me a break. Which of these assassinations goes into the tally on point 1?

    And who else does this?

    Look at the mossad/dubai situation. Had Israel not let their hand be known, who would have ever known either a hit went down… or that Iran was trading weapons secretly with Hamas to destabalize other countries??


    IMO, US doesn’t engage in assassinations for some very simple reasons. Namely, what the US stands for doesn’t need assassinations to silence or stop anyone. It is less effective.

    For instance, we would have simply exposed the Iran/Dubai situation, expose the fact of what Iran is doing rather then kill the guy. That is what a good message is. And the nation of hollywood understands all about good messages.

    A killing doesn’t send much of a message, especially a quiet one. A war sends one, but it is limited itself.

    But who knows what lurks in the dark netherworld of governments and spies.

    My naivete is probably utterly biased.

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