News you may have missed #471 (ex-spy edition)

  • Interview with ex-CIA analyst David Kanin. Interesting extended discussion with Dr. Kanin, who was a CIA analyst for 31 years, who suggests the US is currently on the retreat, both politically and economically.
  • New book by ex-CIA agent Everett. Watergate uncovered many high-level secrets, including the identity of CIA agent James A. Everett, whose cover was blown in Congressional hearings during the White House scandal and its fallout. Now Everett shares his story of recruitment and training by the CIA in his book The Making and Breaking of an American Spy.
  • Ex-MI5 officer questions UK spying priorities. The cascade of revelations in the UK about undercover police officers spying on environmental groups, suggest Britain needs a sense of perspective on threats to the nation, argues former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon.

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One Response to News you may have missed #471 (ex-spy edition)

  1. Duncan says:

    I don’t think Annie Machon has anything useful to say about any of these issues. It doesn’t mention it in that article or in her Guardian profile but she has spent the last few years one of the key figures in the 9/11 truth movement, polluting the discourse on the intelligence and security services with conspiracy theory rubbish.

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