News you may have missed #481

  • Who brought down the CIA website last Thursday? US Federal officials as of Monday afternoon were still investigating the cause of a Thursday cyber incident that knocked offline the public website of the CIA and its unclassified e-mail system. The interference was isolated to CIA networks. Some cyber experts say the disruption may have been caused by a denial of service attack perpetrated by pranksters to show off their skills, rather than an act committed by a foreign government.
  • Israeli cabinet minister to visit jailed spy in US. Israel’s Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon is to make a visit next week to see Jonathan Pollard, an American serving a life term in a US jail for spying on the US for Israel. Israeli media claim that Kahlon will give Pollard a “verbal message” from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Egypt’s spies dragged from shadows. New evidence of spying and torture by Egypt’s General Intelligence Services (GIS) has piled pressure on the country’s military rulers to abolish the agency. After breaking into the GIS Cairo headquarters and ransacking archives, activists posted videos showing a torture chamber with a bloodstained floor and equipped with chains.

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3 Responses to News you may have missed #481

  1. David Fulton says:

    Wiki Leaks ,is a set up for a FALSE FLAG cyber attack.Given Wiki Leaks start up Funding,& Julian Assage’s connection to MOSSAD / CIA.,makes this pretty obvious on it’s face………Wiki Leaks, directs attention away from all ,overwhelming, evidence of JEWISH / ISRAELI’s complicity in the 911 WTC /Pentagon Attacks.Israel emerges unscathed in the cherry picked releases of Wiki Leaks,on all arenas…..WRONG

  2. mupp says:

    Lovely……..Someones medication has worn off and they have found the key’s to the laptop.

  3. 16xilef says:

    Well said mupp.

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