CBS re-broadcasts Iran comments by former Mossad chief

One of the few certainties in the spiraling crisis between Iran, Israel and the United States, is that Tel Aviv and Washington do not agree on how to respond to Tehran’s nuclear program. Nowhere is this lack of unity more noticeable than in the difference of opinion between the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the White House. Netanyahu, a leading hawk in Israeli political circles, has made it clear that, unlike United States President Barack Obama, he believes that the time for diplomacy has run out, and that Israel has no option but to consider direct military strikes on Iran. Last weekend he even took the unprecedented step of advising American voters to elect a leader willing “to draw a red line” on the issue of Iran. It is worth noting, however, that senior figures in Israel’s intelligence community seem to be siding with the US on this dispute. Leading the wave of dissention within the ranks is Meir Dagan, former Director of the Mossad, Israel’s most revered intelligence agency. In November of 2010, Meir Dagan stepped down from his post as the head of the Mossad after having led the agency for over eight years —the longest tenure of any Mossad director in history. Soon afterwards, he admonished calls by Netanyahu’s people to bomb Iran as “the stupidest idea” he had ever heard. On Sunday, September 16, the CBS flagship investigative program 60 Minutes aired again an important interview with Dagan, which was first broadcast on March 11 of this year. The timing of the re-broadcast is critical, as observers in the Middle East appear increasingly certain that an Israeli military attack on Iran is imminent. In the interview, Dagan tells correspondent Lesley Stahl that a strike “at this time” against Iran would be both “a stupid idea” and a mistake, both strategically and tactically. He explains that an air attack without the aid of ground troops’ would be ineffective in neutralizing Iran’s nuclear program, since nobody knows how many nuclear installations exist in that vast country. In the 15-minute interview, Dagan, speaking calmly and directly, says that Israel and the US have up to three years before deciding whether to strike militarily at Iran. If this were to happen, he says, he would rather have the US conduct the strikes, rather than Israel. What should the US and Israel do during these three years, ask Stahl. Dagan responds: push for regime change in Tehran and offer concrete support to Iranian youth groups, student organizations and ethnic minorities.

9 Responses to CBS re-broadcasts Iran comments by former Mossad chief

  1. Natasha says:

    It is not surprising that former Head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, believes Netanyahu/Likud Government are a foreign policy disaster.

    Our Jewish brothers and sisters in Mossad and Shabak have clearly provided truthful-accurate tips of splits in Israel’s highest national security (natsec) circles – concerning Iran strike/or not/when/if/why/not/then who wants/doesn’t want what etc.

    Israel, under Nety’s rolling train wreck, is losing the essential support of the US – something that even Romney (if President after Nov) can’t become beholden to Nety all by himself/themselves.

    US has even a more conflicted nat-sec establishment. With Gates still active (some ways ex-some ways current – CIA/NSC/DoD/The Farm etc) US natsec is in good hands. Patraeus and several other Gen/Admiral-intellectuals are also seasoned hands. Though no-one can save Afgh, except the appearance of less than a total mess.

    Maybe its time for an ex-Mossad Chief a la Dagan to try his hand at electoral politics.

    Several hours today have been good.

    Tomorrow will come.

    Pete (Aus) and Natasha (“USA”).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Τhere is absolutely no chance that the US will attack Iran. I think that they will get Iran by organising internal problems rebellion etc.

    As for the statement of Dagan that he wants the US to do the strikes, it reminds me what my uncle used to say (he was a combat vet of ww2) you people get killed, the glory is ours….

  3. Natasha says:

    Hi Anon. Certainly the US has not been opposed to use of Twitter as a comms platform between some/most pro-democracy demonstrators in Iran.

    However we’re sure if Iran were stupid enough to block or hinder oil shipping movement in/around the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, US action of many types, including mil, would be follow within days if not hours.

    So far Iran has been wise in limiting (its proxy) Hezbollah activities to low or no casualty crude-rocket attacks on Israeli territory, and occasional border skirmishing. Any Iranian/Hez escalation of such activities might possibly result in US political support for limited Israeli retaliatory action. Or Isreal would probably unilaterally act anyway. Israel by itself could/can handle Hezbollah – hence US mil and polit support (is/has been/will/could be) unnecessary.


  4. TFH says:

    There is no chance China will let USA get Iran. Then it would have no patsy left to play with besides from N-Korea, and it seems China has problems enough just handling N-Korea, let alone playing it on the international majong board.

  5. Natasha says:

    Hi TFH (and US Government)

    Iran’s Right to Have Nukes:

    It is important that UN-US-Israel accept Iran has right to build Nuke Defenses (against the highly developed nuclear arsenals of Israel, Pakistan, Russia and US etc). Noting Iran’s current capability to build ten or so crude Tall Boy/Gun type U nukes (or even implosion style) is vastly inferior to Israel’s already deployed 100+ thermo-nukes.

    Main issue is the Iranian nuke threat to Saudi Arabia + other Gulf states (and not Israel). The risk that non-state actors could get hold of Iran’s current capabilty or actually assembled nukes devices is significant.

    Some Technical Concerns Within Iran’s Program

    Iran’s current Batches of Pu/U nuke explosive are likely being kept apart from its Devices until needed. This is because Iran has little experience in nuke explosives/chemical stabilisation/monitoring. Hence Iran’s current practice of keeping its Batches under Lab conditions rather than to harsher in-weapon environment.

    This storage reality amounts to a lower Iranian nuclear threat: to Gulf countries and to Israel. The separate storage of devices and Batches means Iran’s nukes are less susceptable to non-state actor “Bomb-jacking”.

    Pete’s info passed on to Natasha (in US).

  6. Maskirovka! says:

    The fascist nazi-sympathizing regime of Iran seeks nothing more than to usher in the return of their “messiah” and usher in M.A.D. The schizophrenic leadership runs a totalitarian regime hell bent on jihad. As a state sponsor of terrorism backing many a terror group through the resources of the theocratic terror state and that of its military and intelligence agencies, they are a scourge that is to be cleansed from the face of this earth. Ahmadinejad has called the holocaust a hoax and called for the annihilation of Israel, and these fascists mean it. Those useful idiots and apologists of this regime would fare not so well over there and would be treated as the infidels they are.

  7. Natasha says:


    I see your post above is not:


    but does contain, extreme

    “racism and bigotry”

    As it is now 3pm (here at the FBI’s Quantico special weapons and tactics area) I assume the blogmasters of IntelNews have not yet had time to delete your pernicious comments.

  8. COINTELPRO swag says:

    No racism or bigotry is included in my post and that is the most likely reason it has not been deleted. You, Natasha, as an enemy of free speech and neo-marxist moon bat, must come to realize the importance of something called dialectics, dear “comrade”. Perhaps you would understand that it is healthy for discourse that the mind set of another is expressed. I am sure Hitler would have believed my comments would have been racist or bigoted as he trucked my Hebrew tookis off to be disposed of. You are always quick to call for those who disagree with your point of view to be censored, speaking much about your mentality.

  9. Natasha says:

    You assume alot “Maskirovka COINTELPRO” but I like your reply :)


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