News you may have missed #0182

  • China to keep Rio Tinto boss in prison. The Chinese government has extended (again) by two months a probe into Stern Hu, the jailed boss of Anglo-Australian mining corporation Rio Tinto. Hu was arrested by the Chinese last July on espionage charges.
  • Czech spy agency objects to outing Cold War agents. Recently a Czech research center published an extensive list of names of agents of StB, the country’s main intelligence agency in the communist era. But StB’s post-communist successor, the ÚZSI, condemned the airing of the names, calling it “a massive violation of protection of sources that is part of intelligence work, which also may have a negative impact on the Czech Republic’s [current] interests”.
  • Iran reportedly creates new domestic spy agency. A radical dissident Iranian group in Paris, with known ties to Washington, claims the Iranian regime has undertaken “the largest overhaul of the [country’s] intelligence structure since 1989”.

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2 Responses to News you may have missed #0182

  1. Bob Gibson says:

    I would like to know if the name “PETRA” is a common name for Female Eastern European Spies and if their Spy network is still very active in the United States.

  2. intelNews says:

    Petra is mostly a German name (female version of Peter) but it was also used in the former Czechoslovakia. If by “a common name” you mean operational name, i.e. the one that appears in government documents, then the most likely answer to your question is no, since operational names would not have any conscious connection to the operative’s nationality or background. [IA]

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