News you may have missed #0251 (analysis edition)

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One Response to News you may have missed #0251 (analysis edition)

  1. From what I’ve read there is a Need to Screen and Prepare Information on Humint, Communications, Networks and Social Information on These Terrorists, as well as Academic and Religious Societies, of Islam. The Jihad apparently Resides within These. The Transportation Records of The Social Scenes would Produce Intel on These People also as well as The Academic Structures of The Muslim World. A Good list of Graduates and Students may imply that there are more like this Nigerian left to do the Same thing. Geographical Information such as Locations of as many of these People at any one time on a Constant Basis would help any Threat Analysis. Then tying into Communications would be a Greatly Defining Moment especially if they had been known for Radicalizing the Internet at all. Phone calls are at the Point of a Mouse or a Contact then too. Volunteer Intelligence

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