News you may have missed #354

  • Germany arrests Libyans on spy charges. Two Libyans have been arrested in Berlin on suspicion of working as secret agents, spying on members of the Libyan opposition in Germany. The two, identified only as 42-year-old ‘Adel Ab’ and 46-year-old ‘Adel Al’, are being held in custody in Berlin, pending possible spying charges.
  • Israeli handler discusses relationship with Hamas spy. Israeli broadsheet Ha’aretz has aired a fascinating interview with ‘Captain Loai’, a Shin Bet operative who handled Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a senior Hamas official, who was an informant for Israeli intelligence for at least a decade. Note the strong personal connection between handler and informant, which would be considered unprofessional in US intelligence culture.
  • Analysis: Iran’s murky link to al-Qaeda confounds CIA. It’s one of the enduring mysteries of the US ‘war on terrorism’: what will become of the al-Qaeda leaders and operatives who fled into Iran after 9/11 and have been detained there for years?

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3 Responses to News you may have missed #354

  1. intelNews says:

    Thanks, we’ll re-post soon. [IA]

  2. Kohji says:

    Iran remains a serious problem. They have a history of working even with Sunni groups, and using Sunni groups as a cover. (Or so some compelling evidence seems to say with the bombings in the 80s against American targets in Lebanon.)

    Iran has also done what America could only dream of doing in Lebanon through Hezbollah.

    And they have effectively pulled of numerous other terrorist strikes with effective international impunity, excepting the integrity loss globally their nation has suffered for that — which has been minimal because most people are not knowledgeable on their actions over the years.

    America and Europe have not learned – it well appears – that you can not just ignore these sorts of alarming conditions. Despite the past with Hitler and Japan, this has not been learned.

    Despite 9/11.

    It seems the peoples in the west are either alarmist (cry wolf) or to the other extreme. Security is reactive instead of proactive.

    It is like with a criminal. When they see they have gotten away with crimes, they boast, and if their boasts do not land them in trouble: they are emboldened to act believing they can indulge their darkest fantasies with absolute impunity.

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