Iran says it dismantled a ‘complicated’ CIA cyber operation in several countries

Ali ShamkhaniA senior Iranian security official said on Monday that Tehran had dismantled “one of the most complicated” espionage operations by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, leading to “arrests and confessions” of suspects in several countries. The announcement was made by Ali Shamkhani (pictured), secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, the Islamic Republic’s highest security decision-making body, which is chaired by the country’s president.

Speaking in Tehran to reporters from pro-government news agencies, including IRIB and Fars News, Shamkhani said that Iran had “exposed” what he described as a CIA-run cyber espionage network, which carried out “operations in different countries”. He said the alleged espionage network had been detected by Iranian counterintelligence agencies “some time ago and was dismantled”. Iran’s counterintelligence actions had led to the “identification and arrest of CIA intelligence agents”, said Shamkhani, many of whom had been arrested “in different countries”. The arrests occurred after Iran “shared the information about the exposed network with our allies”, said Shamkhani, which led to the “disclosure and dismantling of a network of CIA officers” as well as the “detention and punishment of several spies”. Shamkhani did not specify the number of people arrested, or in which countries, but appeared to refer to both CIA personnel and local assets. He concluded his remarks by saying that Iran was building a regional alliance “to counter American espionage”. He also urged Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence to release “videos and confessions” relating to the arrests.

Meanwhile, Iranian anti-government groups based abroad alleged on Monday that a senior official in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was arrested in Tehran for allegedly working for Israel. The unidentified individual is believed to have helped Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency gain access to the archive of the Iranian nuclear program in 2018, and steal an unspecified number of classified documents. It is not known whether this alleged arrest is connected with Shamkhani’s announcement on Monday.

Author: Joseph Fitsanakis | Date: 18 June 2019 | Permalink

5 Responses to Iran says it dismantled a ‘complicated’ CIA cyber operation in several countries

  1. Aytolla Khomeinoi says:

    The Iranians area such lousy liars and fantasy makers that none of these sating is either credible or realistic, especially when the same idiot says there has been arrestes in “foreign countries’, by who exactly and what authorities ? Never trust a word that’s coming out of the mouth of an Iranian official.

  2. No doubt like many others I can only dismiss such unsubstantiated reports coming out of Tehran with scepticism. Had CIA operatives been arrested in countries allied to Iran, it is most unlikely those countries would have kept quiet about it. By the way, has Iran got any allies it can count on after counting up to ten?

  3. Steve Smith says:

    Iran agents are behind the Trump coup, one was exposed in 2015, the USDOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA didnt notice, there was a coverup conspiracy, bribery and obstruction of justice with multiple federal agencies to protect a traitor from exposure and prosecution.

  4. TRM says:

    I have no doubt they confessed. Whether they actually did it is another matter…

  5. Pete says:

    “cyber espionage network” may more accurately point to a NSA operation, with the CIA providing an access route.

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