Australia to deport Kazakh-born Irish woman for allegedly spying for Russia

Irish National Space CentreTHE GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA has ordered the deportation of a Kazakh-born Irish citizen, who is believed to be a spy for the Russian Federation, according to reports from Australia and Ireland. The woman in question has been identified as Marina Sologub, 39, an ethnic Russian who was born in Kazakhstan, but grew up in the Republic of Ireland.

Sologub reportedly spent her teenage years in Glanmire, a suburb of the city of Cork, located on Ireland’s southern coastline. She eventually enrolled at University College Cork, where she graduated with a degree in Politics and Governance. While still at university, Sologub worked for Bernard Allen, a member of parliament for Ireland’s center-right Fine Gael political party. She then worked full-time at the office of Willie Penrose, a parliamentarian for the left-of-center Labour Party, which is far smaller than Fine Gael.

In 2011, when she was in her late 20s, Sologub was hired by Ireland’s National Space Centre in Middleton, Cork, where she remained for 7 years. According to media reports, Sologub has claimed that she was instrumental in “the development of intergovernmental agreement between Republic of Ireland and Russia Federation in use of space for civil purposes” during her time at the National Space Centre.

In 2020, Sologub’s impressive résumé landed her a job with the British-headquartered international consultancy firm Deloitte in Australia. She moved to Australia in September of that year and worked for Deloitte for about a year, at which point she was hired by a private firm specializing in the space industry. She subsequently entered employment with the city council of Marion, a small suburb of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

On February 22, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), which is tasked with counterintelligence, announced that Sologub’s visa was under investigation on suspicion of her role in international espionage. It was reported that Sologub had had “extensive interactions with diplomatic staff from the Russian embassy” in Australia, which began soon after she entered the country in 2020. Now Australia has announced Sologub’s deportation from the country. According to media reports, Sologub’s deportation is part of a wider operation that aims “to identify Russian intelligence workers among high-ranking employees” in Australian government and industry.

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Controversial Swiss master-spy dies in Ireland

Albert Bachmann

Albert Bachmann

One of Switzerland’s most controversial Cold War figures, who set up a clandestine guerrilla unit to combat a feared Soviet invasion, has died in Cork, Ireland. Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger has said last week that Colonel Albert Bachmann, who headed Switzerland’s military intelligence force, the Untergruppe Nachrichtendienst der Armee (UNA), from 1976 until 1979, died on April 12. Although Bachmann was a communist in his student years, he later headed Projekt-26 (P-26), a clandestine project to set up a ‘left-behind’ force of Swiss guerrillas trained in sharp shooting, bombing and assassination techniques. The guerrilla force was designed to engage the Soviet military if it ever invaded Switzerland. In the late 1970s, Colonel Bachmann also secured government funds to purchase the 200-acre Liss Ard country estate near the Irish town of Skibbereen, in west Cork. The estate was to be used as a base for a Swiss government-in-exile following a feared Soviet invasion of central Europe. Furthermore, the basement of one of the two manors on the estate was designated as a secret depository of Switzerland’s gold reserves, in the event of a Soviet invasion of the Alpine country. Read more of this post

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